GP3 – Austrian GP Qualifying

GP3 – Austrian GP Qualifying

Niko Kari went straight to P2 during his first laps (+0,10sec) while Dorian Boccolacci and Devlin DeFrancesco stayed outside the top 10, But the positions changed a lot because the top 17 drivers were spread between the pole position time and 0,6 sec.

All three drivers went out on track again after they picked up a new set of tyres. Niko Kari and Dorian Boccolacci were the first MP drivers to try to improve their first sector, but that didn’t happen with only 4 min and 22 sec on the clock left. In the next push lap, all three drivers improved the first sector, but then the red flag went out and the qualifying was over.
Hubert’s (ART) car stopped at the circuit and that caused the red flag.

Disappointed voices came on our radio’s because the session didn’t restart. There was way more potential in it, but we will have to show it tomorrow during race one.

P7   Dorian Boccolacci
P16 Niko Kari
P20 Devlin DeFrancesco