Formula 2 Austrian GP – Race one

Formula 2 Austrian GP – Race one

Race one started behind the safety car. The organisation decided to do that after many cars struggled with an unstable clutch. The start was clean, and Ralph Boschung (16th) and Roberto Merhi (12th) both kept their positions.

Then an outraged voice came on the radio. Ralph Boschung’s car stopped again. Very unlucky, but the engine seemed to be the problem. Directly after that, the safety car went out on track, and Roberto Merhi took that opportunity to change his tyres.

Roberto still had the 12th place after the pitstop and safety car, but he quickly moved up! 10th position on lap 13 and very soon he took over Norris for 6th position. Roberto’s tyres kept going while others started to struggle big time and soon he took over the 3rd position. Markelov on the first position still had to do his pitstop, and so Roberto was 2nd. Unfortunately, Roberto started to lose positions because his tyres were worn out on the last lap.

Still an outstanding job from 12th to 4th position!

4th Roberto Merhi
DNF Ralph Boschung