GP3 Austrian GP – Race one

GP3 Austrian GP – Race one

Dorian Boccolacci went wide in turn one at the start and dropped back from 7th place to 16th. Niko Kari gained some position and took over the 14th position (starting from 16th).

Slowly all three drivers moved up in the first 16 laps with some battling going on between Niko and Dorian. Both drivers were driving around the 12th and 11th position trying to get into the top 8. With still 2 to 4 DRS “moves” left for Niko and Dorian it started to look possible to finish in the top 8. But in the last three laps, it was clear that the gap to the top 8 was just too big, and the tyres were worn out too much. Resulting in a finish just out of the top 10.

Devlin DeFrancesco gained positions during the race as well with lap times the same as the top drivers, but he had to stop his car (15th position) in the last lap because of an electronic issue with his throttle pedal.

P10  Dorian Boccolacci
P11  Niko Kari
DNF Devlin DeFrancesco

Update: Dorian and Niko moved up one place, because of a penalty for another driver. P9 Dorian Boccolacci P10 Niko Kari