F2 – Race One British GP

F2 – Race One British GP

The race started behind the safety car, and Roberto Merhi managed to stay at the same position except for Ralph he dropped three places to 17th position.

One of the early drivers that did their pitstop was Merhi. Boschung went for the longer strategy with four other drivers of the field. The lap times of Roberto Merhi were one of the fastest after his pitstop.

Not much happened during the middle of the race, but the stewards were busy giving time penalties for over speeding in the pitlane. The penalties helped Boschung and Merhi in their favour.

Boschung went into the pitlane with seven laps to go to do his pitstop, and he came back on track on 13th position. He overtook his teammate during the last laps with his fresher new set of tyres, and he finally finished the race 9th (included are the time penalties from other drivers).

P9 Ralph Boschung
P11 Roberto Merhi