GP3 – Race One British GP

GP3 – Race One British GP

The lights went off and not much longer after that VSC went on.
Dorian moved up two places to 5th position right after the start. Niko Kari starting from 19th moved up five places and Devlin Defrancesco one place.

Just after VSC went off Kari managed to overtake another two cars, before another VSC came in the game during lap 5. This VSC switched over to a Safety car because car number nine was standing still in the middle of the straight.

Not much happened for quite a long time till the last five laps. Dorian lost earlier in the race his 5th position, but he got it back with four laps to go. The gap to 4th positions was at that moment 4 sec. Niko Kari was in less than 1 sec behind P9 but finished finally 11th.

P5 Dorian Boccolacci
P11 Niko Kari
P15 Devlin DeFrancesco