GP3 race one result – Hungaroring

GP3 race one result – Hungaroring

Straight after the Formula 2 race was the start of the GP3 race. The track was still a bit damp, but most of it was dry.

The start was average for Dorian with a little moment at the chicane where he went off. He dropped three places during his first lap back to the 11th position. Niko Kari did it much better he went from 19th position to the 15th position.

The field was packed closed to together with some battles going on. However, Nobody could use the DRS system because the organisation had some problems to activate it. So overtaking was much more difficult for all the drivers.

Niko Kari was going well and took over the 11th place but got hit by Pedro Piquet on his rear tyre what resulted in a puncture. Dorian Boccolacci got the 8th position in the meanwhile, and that was as well his final position.
That means that Dorian will start from pole position in race two on Sunday.

P8    Dorian Boccolacci
DNF Niko Kari

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