Race one results Formula 2 – Hungaroring

Race one results Formula 2 – Hungaroring

The track was wet, and it kept raining a little bit. The drivers had to do many formation laps behind the safety car, but the starting procedure was finally a standing start.

A massive first lap for Roberto Merhi he moved up from 19 to 11th. Ralph had bad luck he got a puncture and went off the track what caused a damaged front wing. He had to pit to change his front wing and tyre.

The first drivers gave it a go to change their tyres from wet to slicks on lap 14. Roberto Merhi went on slicks as well at lap 16. His teammate Ralph followed him after that.

VSC went on with four laps to go. Ralph still driving on 19th position but at that moment he was the 3rd fastest on the track. Roberto was 7th at that moment, and he just tried to make a move on 6th position before the VSC went on. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get that position and stayed 7th.

Not much longer Ghiotto took over the 7th position of Roberto In the second last lap, but Roberto dropped back another three places out of nowhere in the last lap. What looked like to be a point finish and a front row start position for the Sunday race turned over to an 11th position finish.

Ralph Boschung finished 19th because he did a double pitstop. Still, he managed to put the fastest lap of the race in the last lap.

P11 Roberto Merhi
P18 Ralph Boschung

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