Formula 2 race 2 results – Hungarian GP

Formula 2 race 2 results – Hungarian GP

A good start for Roberto Merhi he moved up from 11th to 9th position, But the opposite happened to Ralph Boschung. His race came to an end because he got involved in a crash at the exit of turn 2.

At lap 7 Roberto overtook Aitken for 7th position. However, he kept going forward, and in less than two laps he managed to get in the DRS zone of Norris at 6th.

Markelov, Norris and De Vries were batteling Just in front of Merhi. Merhi used the advantage of that and overtook De Vries for 6th place.

Quite soon after that, he managed to overtake Markelov for 5th position, But the gap was 7,9 sec to Norris on 4th

Finally, he finished 5th starting from 11th.

P5 Roberto Merhi
DNF Ralph Boschung

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