NEZ Formula 4 results day 1 – Moscow (Russia)

NEZ Formula 4 results day 1 – Moscow (Russia)

Qualifying one
The first qualifying of the SMP Formula 4 championship started at 8:45 (CET). The lap time gaps got closer between the drivers while the tyres got more on temperature. Amaury Cordeel took over the 2nd place in lap 3, and Isac Blomqvist took over pole position for a short moment in lap 4 with a 1:37.503. The times kept improving during the last laps with Isac Blomqvist finally qualifying 2nd in the last lap.

P2 Isac Blomqvist
P7 Amaury Cordeel
P10 Patrick Schott

Race one
A good start for Cordeel he moved up from 10th position to 8th position. Blomqvist kept his 2nd position. Cordeel moved up two places more in lap 2 and 3, while Blomqvist lost his 2nd position to Vartanyan. Schott had a moment as well he dropped back from 9th position to 13th position, but he took back some positions the laps after that. Lap 12 resulted in a sad ending for Blomqvist. He got disqualified after he missed his drive-through penalty.

P6     Amaury Cordeel
P9     Patrick Schott
DSQ Isac Blomqvist

Race two
2nd place for Isac Blomqvist, 8th for Amaury Cordeel and 14th for Patrick Schott after the first lap of the race. Isac closed the gap to 0,2 sec behind the leader of the race on lap 5, but the difference was only 0.045 sec in lap 6 what finally resulted in an overtake on Lappalainen for the first position.

P1   Isac Blomqvist
P9   Amaury Cordeel
P12 Patrick Schott