Spanish F4| Race 2 and 3 results – Jerez

Spanish F4| Race 2 and 3 results – Jerez

Qualifying two results
P2   Amaury Cordeel
P5   Patrick Schott
P7   Nazim Azman
P10 Lazslo Toth

A good start for Patrick Schott he moved up from 5th position to 3rd position. As well for Amaury Cordeel he took over the lead of the race at the start. Lazslo Toth moved up 2 places while Nazim Azman dropped back 3 places.

Guillem Pujeu was the whole race very close behind Amaury Cordeel, but he wasn’t able to take over the lead from Amaury Cordeel. Everybody kept their positions during the race that resulted in a double podium for MP Motorsport.

race 2 results:
P1   Amaury Cordeel
P3   Patrick Schott
P9   Lazslo Toth
P10 Nazim Azman

The last race of this weekend started at 15:40. Amaury Cordeel kept the lead again after the start. Patrick Schott was 5th, 6th Nazim Azman and 7th Lazslo Toth.

Nazim Azman overtook his teammate Patrick Schott for 5th in lap three while Amaury Cordeel increased his lead by almost 2 sec. Eventually, It was Amaury Cordeel that crossed the finish line first.

Race 3 result
P1 Amaury Cordeel
P5 Patrick Schott
P6 Nazim Azman
P8 Lazslo Toth