F2 qualifying results – Sochi

F2 qualifying results – Sochi

The qualifying started at 16:55 Local time. All cars went straight out on the track. It was exciting for Niko Kari because it was his first ever qualifying with a Formula 2 car.

The red flag went out after Arjun Maini span. Niko and Dorian had both to underbreak there first push lap, because of that. The clock stopped with 22 min left, but the lights switched quickly to green again.

Niko Kari and Dorian Boccolacci went both into the pitlane to change their tyres after they did some laps. Niko was 11th and Dorian 18th at that moment.

Both drivers improved their lap times in the first push lap on their second set of new tyres, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make a big difference.

Qualifying result
P16 Niko Kari
P18 Dorian Boccolacci