F2 race one result – Sochi

F2 race one result – Sochi

A good start for Kari and Boccolacci. Kari went to 14th position, and Boccolacci followed him on 15th. They both moved up another place after the second lap.

Kari seems to enjoy it. He took over the 10th place while Dorian followed him on the 11th position with still 21 laps to go. The driver on the super-soft tyres struggled big time, but the pit lane wasn’t open yet to do pit stops.

Niko kept improving his lap times lap after lap. He overtook Aitken for the third position, but ten cars out of the 17 still driving did their pitstop already.

With 11 laps to go Kari’s times started to drop a lot. It seemed to look like that he asked too much of his tyres during the first half of the race. Niko went into the pitlane to change his tyres after Boccolacci did his pitstop. Niko got a little touch from Aitken’s car while he was driving to the end of the pitlane when Aitken had an unsafe release. Niko had to come in after he felt something strange and had to stop his race.

The VSC went on in the 2nd last lap with Dorian on the 13th position, but there was no time left to make any difference in the last lap, so Dorian crossed the finish line 13th as well.

P13  Dorian Boccolacci
DNF Niko Kari