F2| Sprint race result

F2| Sprint race result

Straight after the GP3 race, we continued with Formula 2. Temperatures increased to 33 degrees just before the race started.

Makino stalled at the start, and an extra formation lap was needed. A good decision because the crash of race one wasn’t a small one after Latifi stalled his car as well.

Boccolacci had a good start and took over the 8th position. Niko Kari had a strong start of the race, but he got hit by Galeal on his rear and had to retire. VSC went on and went off two laps later when the track was clear.

Boccolacci tried to make a move for the 6th position but wasn’t able to succeed what resulted in pressure from Albon. He made a move on Dorian what eventually resulted in a three places drop for Dorian. Some drivers started to struggle to keep the pace as well the drivers in front of him. It was from lap 13 on when Dorian began to close the gap with the drivers in front of him.

The DRS was disabled around lap 14 when various drivers had DRS issues. What made it more difficult to overtake for Dorian.

For a long time, not much happened. The pace of Dorian was ok but started to drop off slightly. Eventually, Dorian had to give up one place to Sette Camara and crossed the finish line 11th.

P11 Dorian Boccolacci
DNF Niko Kari