Three days test results summary

Three days test results summary

The Formula 2 and GP3 season came to an end last week after we finished the final race in Abu Dhabi. Three days later we already had the first test days to prepare for season 2019. Here are the results of each session for you.

Day 1| GP3
Morning session
P1 Jehan Daruvala 1:54.737
P10 Logan Sargeant 1:55.684
P18 Bent Viscaal 1:56.352

Afternoon session
P2 Jehan Daruvala 1:54.461
P9 Logan Sargeant 1:55.342
P14 Bent Viscaal 1:55.616

Day 1| Formula 2
Morning session
P8 Anthoine Hubert 1:51.366
P12 Juan Manuel Correa 1:52.340

Afternoon session
P10 Juan Manuel Correa 1:50.587
P13 Anthoine Hubert 1:51.178

Day 2| GP3
Morning session
P6 Richard Verschoor 1:55.379
P15 Lorenzo Colombo 1:56.323
P17 Ye Yifei 1:56.900

Afternoon session
P2 Richard Verschoor 1:54.799
P9 Lorenzo Colombo 1:55.495
P14 Ye Yifei 1:55.826

Day 2| Formula 2
Morning session
P1 Anthoine Hubert 1:51.116
P5 Dorian Boccolacci 1:52.173

Afternoon session
P8 Dorian Boccolacci 1:50.39
P20 Anthoine Hubert 1:52.597

Day 3| GP3
Morning session
P8 Lorenzo Colombo 1:55.691
P9 Ye Yifei 1:55.710
P14 Bent Viscaal 1:56.233

Afternoon session
P3 Ye Yifei 1:55.174
P5 Lorenzo Colombo 1:55.269
P8 Bent Viscaal 1:55.465

Day 3| Formula 2
Morning session
P2 Anthoine Hubert 1:51.323
P5 Richard Verschoor 1:51.564

Afternoon session
P9  Richard Verschoor 1:50.501
P14 Anthoine Hubert    1:50.790