F4| Podiums in Navarra!

F4| Podiums in Navarra!

The Spanish Formula 4 championship had their first event in Navarra this weekend. For some drivers, it was their first ever Formula race.

Race 1
The first start of the season worked out well for Glenn van Berlo starting from 5th position. He almost managed to take over the 3rd position right after the start. The driver in front of Glenn didn’t succeed in his move to overtake the 2nd position and went wide, Glenn took his chance and took over the 3rd position. Rafael and Tijmen both gained positions while Rafael kept his 6th position in race 1.

Race 2
It was again an excellent start for Glenn van Berlo. He started from 9th position and moved up to 3rd place in the first lap. Nicolas Baert went from the 8th position to 5th and Tijmen van der Helm from 10th to 8th while Rafael Villanueva kept his 6th position in the first lap. A big crash happened with four laps to go, and the race got stopped with a red flag. The track got cleared quickly, and a restart behind the safety car happened soon after that. Glenn had a good restart and added some pressure on the driver in front of him. Eventually, he wasn’t able to make a strong enough move and crossed the finish line 3rd. 14 out of 16 drivers got a drive-through penalty after they ignored the confusing red flag situation. Glenn van Berlo lost his podium after the race and finished 5th in the end.

Race 3
Van Berlo, van der Helm and Baert had all three a mega start. Glenn van Berlo moved up to 4th position, van der Helm to 6th, Baert 7th and Villanueva stayed 8th. The safety car went out straight after when Meyer went off the track. The restart of the race was a big chaos. Many drivers crashed or almost got involved in a crash after the leader of the race did a brake test before the restart of the race. Nicolas Baert and Glenn van Berlo were both unlucky and crashed because of that. The safety car went out for the second time after that. Van der Helm moved up to the 3rd place during the safety car. Colaptino in the front of van der Helm had to go in the pit after he lost his rear wing caused by the same incident. Rafael Villanueva managed to gain two positions after the restart and finally finished 4th just behind van der Helm on 3rd. The results of race 3 are not official yet. The stewards will make their final decision about the big incident in race 3 in Paul Ricard where the Spanish Formula 4 will have their second event.

7 April 2019