F4| Difficult weekend at Paul Ricard

F4| Difficult weekend at Paul Ricard

The second Spanish Formula 4 race weekend took place at Paul Ricard in France. The series took part in the “GT Open” weekend program.

Race 1

Nicolas Baert got the best start position of all his teammates for race 1. He started 6th followed by Tijmen van der Helm at the 7th position, Glenn van Berlo at 8th and Rafael Villanueva had to start 15th. Tijmen and Glenn had a neutral start and kept their positions while Nicolas Baert lost four places, and Rafael gained two positions during the first lap.

Tijmen van der Helm got in a battle but had to go in the pitlane to repair his front wing because of a little incident during that battle. Glenn gained a position (P7) because of this. Rafael Villanueva made some good progress in the first half part of the race and moved up to P10. Nicolas Baert was very unlucky the driver in front of him span and rolled back into him what resulted in a broken rear suspension for Nicolas. Rafael Villanueva tried to make a move on Martinez but got in contact what resulted in a broken left front suspension for Rafael as well. Van Berlo kept his head calm and moved up to a 4th position just before the end of the race. Tijmen van der Helm crossed the finish line 13th.

Note: Glenn van Berlo moved up to P3 after Colapinto got a penalty. 

Race 2

The second best lap time of the first qualifying is the start position for race 2. This means that Nicolas Baert had to start 5th, Glenn van Berlo 8th, Tijmen van der Helm 9th and Rafael Villanueva 15th

Nicolas Baert had a good start and moved up to the 4th position, but couldn’t hold it in sector 3 and dropped back to 5th again. Glenn van Berlo kept his place, Rafael Villanueva moved up four positions, and unfortunately for Tijmen, he had to go into the pitlane to check his car after Ghanem Rached crashed into the back of his car and finally got launched into the air.

Rafael moved up to P9 with 13 minutes to go while Nicolas Baert got overtaken by Meyer, but he added straight pressure on Meyer again straight after he got overtaken. Van Berlo was just behind Nicolas at the 7th position and made a successful move on his teammate in the first sector for the 6th position close before the end of the race.

Race 3

The second qualifying took place Sunday morning. Glenn van Berlo was this time the fastest driver of MP Motorsport and qualified 4th followed by Nicolas on 5th, Tijmen at 6th and Rafael Villanueva started from the 16th position.

Glenn had to defend hard at the start but kept his 4th position. Nicolas Baert had to battle hard as well but lost a few places during lap one and fell back to the 7th position. The same happened with Tijmen and Rafael.

Colapinto took over the 4th position of Glenn van Berlo in the second lap of the race. Tijmen van der Helm moved up in the meanwhile one place to the 7th position.

Nicolas Baert went into the pit with 15 min to go (unclear reason yet)
Tijmen dropped back to the 14th position after he went off the track, but started to overtake again and moved up to the 13th position with 9 min to go. Rafael Villanueva moved up to the 10th position in the meanwhile and Glenn van Berlo kept his 5th position when he crossed the finish line.

Overall a challenging weekend for the still inexperienced young drivers. Glenn van Berlo scored overall consistent and gained some useful points.
The next race will take place in Motorland (Spain) on the 25th and 26th of May.

Pictures: Dutch Photo Agency
28 April 2019