Double podium for Victor Martins in Monaco

Double podium for Victor Martins in Monaco


The qualifying was one hour long and got split up in two groups. Each group got 30 minutes to make a fast lap time.

Lorenzo Colombo and Victor Martins were both in group A and had to start the qualifying under wet conditions. The weather itself was cloudy but dry, so this meant that the track was going to dry up during the session and the last lap was going to be the fastest.

Victor Martins was fastest in the first 10 minutes en Colombo second fastest, but both drivers went in for a new set of rain tyres planning to set a quick time during the last few minutes. Quite a few incidents happened during the last 20 minutes of the session, but both Victor and Lorenzo stayed out of problems and started to prepare themselves for the final crucial lap. Victor managed to make a mega lap what made him the fastest of his group. Lorenzo was doing a good job too but finally made a mistake in the second last corner what resulted in only the 4th position for him in his group.

Amaury Cordeel went out on a drying track with his group B. He had the 7th fastest time before he went in the pit for new slick tyres after the circuit got too dry. This meant again that with the slick tyres the last lap would be the fastest because the track didn’t dry up entirely yet. While many went off the track because of the severe conditions, Amaury kept his head calm. Eventually, he could only make a time good enough for the 6th position in his group.

Race 1

Victor Martins had a good start and kept the lead of the race. Lorenzo Colombo had a great start too he moved up two places and ended up being 5th while Amaury Cordeel had to give up some positions. Not much happened during the first race except that Lorenzo managed to overtake one driver in Mirabeau Haute corner (the one before the hairpin) for 4th position. Amaury Cordeel went forward as well and ended up being 14th, but it was Victor Martins who took home a great win on the streets of Monaco.

Race 2

Victor Martins kept his second position just behind Smolyar. Lorenzo Colombo crossed for the first time the finish line at position 8th followed close by Amaury Cordeel at position 12. Victor closed the gap slowly to Smolyar, but overtaking is almost impossible on this circuit. Victor created a gap of 25 seconds with the driver on 3rd until the safety car had to go out with ten minutes to go. Sebastian Fernandez stopped his vehicle after turn one on the middle of the track, so the marshals had to push his car down in safety. Lorenzo Colombo managed to gain one position after the restart of the race in the last 5 minutes and ended the race with a 7th place. Amaury Cordeel finished the race 13th while Victor Martins crossed the finish line on podium level again.

Pictures: Dutch Photo Agency
26 May 2019