Double podium at Spa-Francorchamps

Double podium at Spa-Francorchamps

Race 1

Victor Martins qualified on pole position during the second qualifying. The results from the second qualifying were the start positions for the first race. Lorenzo Colombo had to start 4th and Amaury Cordeel 8th.

Victor Martins had a good start but had to give up his lead at the Kemmel straight where he got slipstreamed and overtaken. Lorenzo Colombo moved up to the 3rd position, and Amaury Cordeel dropped back to the 11th position during the first lap of the race. Amaury Cordeel dropped back even more after he was batteling in Eau Rouge what resulted in a loss of momentum what he needed to defend his positions.

The safety car went out with 13 minutes to go but went in the same lap after the marshals were able to clear the vehicle of O.Keeffe quickly. The safety car allowed Victor Martins to close the gap to Piastry. Unfortunately, Victor didn’t had enough speed to make a move on Piastry to take over the lead and ended the race second. Lorenzo Colombo got overtaken by Fernandez with a slipstream at the Kemmel straight during the second last lap. This made Lorenzo ending the race 4th just outside the podium. Amaury Cordeel finished the race 14th.

Race 2

Victor Martins started the second race second followed by Lorenzo Colombo on 3rd, and Amaury Cordeel started 7th.

Amaury Cordeel had terrible luck at the start. He got launched in the air after some wheel banging in the first corner. He span and ended up far behind. Lorenzo Colombo lost one position in turn one but managed to gain it back after Eau Rouge. Victor Martins kept his second position and started to add pressure on Lorandi, the leader of the race at that moment.

Lorenzo Colombo had good speed straight from the beginning and managed to overtake Victor Martins for the second place with still 25 minutes to go. One lap later and Colombo took as well the lead of the race. Victor Martins tried to overtake Lorandi at the outside of the chicane, but that didn’t work out for him. He got in return for it a wrong track position what eventually led to losses in positions and ended up being 5th with Piastry just behind him.

Victor Martins took his chance when Lorandi went wide. He overtook Lorandi for the 4th position but had to give it away to Oscar Piastry the lap after that. Lorenzo Colombo was completing his last corners while Victor Martins just managed to escape from a big crash. Oscar Piastry overtook Malvestitie from the outside in Les Combes, but Malvestitie lost the control of his car just in front of Victor Martins. Victor got in contact what resulted in a flat tyre. Smolyar behind Victor was much more unlucky and crashed into Malvestitie what resulted in a flip. The race got stopped with a red flag what means that the last lap will be deleted. Despite the flat tyre of Victor, he still ended the race with a 5th place. Lorenzo Colombo took home a race win, and Amaury Cordeel ended up being last.

Pictures: Dutch Photo Agency
Date: 27 July 2019