FR| Points in Nurburgring

FR| Points in Nurburgring

Race one

The first qualifying at the Nurburging wasn’t great for the drivers. Victor Martins qualified 8th, Amaury Cordeel 10th and Lorenzo Colombo ended being 14th. Lorenzo had to stop his car during qualifying after a stone hit his radiator what resulted in a leak.

Victor Martins starting from the 8th position, had a good start. He moved up two places and ended up being 6th, Lorenzo Colombo moved up to the 8th position, and Amaury Cordeel stayed 10th. The safety car had to go out after three cars collided in the first turn right after the start. The safety went in 5 minutes later, but not much happened at the restart and first half of the race. Maini on the 4th position started to struggle and got eventually overtaken by Victor Martins en Lorenzo Colombo, but Lorenzo had to go in the pitlane during the last 5 minutes of the race and never went back out again. Victor Martins finished the first race 5th and Amaury Cordeel 8th.

Race two

Victor Martins qualified 5th in the morning while Lorenzo Colombo had to start 7th and Amaury Cordeel 15th. Victor noticed a problem while he drove to the grid. A group of the team tried everything to fix it before the formation lap was going to start. Unfortunately for Victor, the problem wasn’t solved. He had to go into the pitlane just before the start of the race where he eventually ended his race.

Lorenzo Colombo managed to keep his 7th position at the start, and Amaury Cordeel moved up to the 11th place. Overtaking in Nurburgring isn’t easy, and literally, nothing happened during the race. The beginning of the race was basically the end of the race.

Pictures: Dutch Photo Agency