F4| Front row finish for MP Motorsport

F4| Front row finish for MP Motorsport

Race one:

Glenn van Berlo had a perfect qualifying and managed to get pole position. Tijmen van der Helm had to start his race on the 3rd position, Rafael Villanueva 5th and Nicolas Baert 9th. The start was good for Glenn, and he kept his lead while Tijmen took over the second place after Ivan Nosos dropped back during the first lap. Nicolas and Rafael managed to win a position as well.

Killian Meyer made a successful move on Rafael Villanueva for the 4th position on lap 6, but it was lap 7 when things turned even more against Rafael what resulted in a “DNF” (Did not finish) for him. Nicolas Baert had to give up one place around that moment, but profited from the incident of Rafael and moved up to the 7th position.

Glenn van Berlo takes eventually the victory followed by Tijmen van der Helm at the second place. They both managed to end the race with a 15-second gap ahead of the 3rd driver. Nicolas Baert finished his race at the 7th place.

Race two:

One of Glenn van Berlo’s qualifying laps was again good enough for pole position. Nicolas Baert had to start 3rd in race two, Tijmen van der Helm 5th and Rafael Villanueva 8th. Van Berlo had a good and clean first lap and was able to keep the lead of the race. Nicolas Baert was the only MP Motorsport driver with a loss of position at the start. Tijmen van der Helm had some good momentum had was able to overtake Nicolas Baert at the back straight for the 4th position during the second lap.

It is not easy to overtake in Jerez, and that is one of the reasons why not much happened during most time of the race. Glenn van Berlo won the race again with a nice gap. Van der Helm ended 4th, Baert 5th and Rafael Villanueva finished his race 8th.

race three:

The last race started at 15:00 with on the second start position Tijmen van der Helm, 4th Glenn van Berlo, 8th Rafael Villanueva and Nicolas Baert started from position 10. Tijmen van der Helm had a very bad start caused by almost stalling his car, while Glenn van Berlo had a mega start and took over straight away the second position. Rafael and Nicolas both profited from Tijmen van der Helm and moved up both a place.

Tijmen van der Helm managed to get back up straight behind his teammates Rafael and Nicolas with 5 minutes to go. He overtakes Nicolas Baert and Rafael Villanueva in the end after Rafael got a 2-sec time penalty for track limits. Glenn van Berlo went again on the podium, Tijmen van der Helm 7th, Rafael Villanueva 8th and Nicolas Baert 9th.


Pictures: Dutch Photo Agency