A fight for the Championship

A fight for the Championship

The second last race weekend of the Eurocup Formula Renault Championship took place during the DTM race weekend at Hockenheimring. It was an important weekend for Victor Martins. To increase his chances of winning the 2019 Eurocup Formula Renault Championship he had to finish better than his championship rival Piastri.

Race 1

Victor Martins started his weekend well after he qualified on pole position for the first race. Lorenzo Colombo had to start 6th and Amaury Cordeel 15th. The track was dry, and Victor’s championship rival Piastri started next to him at the 2nd place. Victor had an average start, and Piastri managed to overtake the lead in turn 1, but Victor managed to place his car on the inside of turn 2 to try to take back the lead. This batteling cost Victor and Piastri a lot of speed, and the whole field started to get involved in the battle between them. A lot of fascinating moves and battles happened during the first lap, but Lorenzo Colombo was the unlucky one. He got a little touch in turn 8 what eventually made him spin in the end. Victor managed to overtake Piastri for the second place just before the hairpin during the second lap, but Piastri managed to take it back the lap after that.

Victor Martins was 3rd with 22 minutes to go, and he was just behind Piastri. Piastri was in a battle with Ugo de Wilde for the lead after the Hairpin (Turn 7). But it was Victor Martins who made a very brave move in turn 8 what made him take over the lead of the race. Piastri dropped back to the 4th position this gave Martins an advantage. He was able to create a more than 3 seconds gap lead. Piastri managed to take over the 2nd place with 14 minutes to go, but Victor was already too far away and eventually took home the win. Amaury Cordeel ended 15th and Lorenzo Colombo 13th.

race 2

Sunday morning started well for Victor Martins. He managed to get his 4th pole position in a row. Lorenzo Colombo had to start 3rd and Amaury Cordeel 12th. The race started under wet conditions and behind the safety car with Victor at the lead of it. His start was good and managed to create a small gap between him and Smolyar. Lorenzo Colombo stayed 3rd, and Victor’s championship rival Piastri was 5th at that moment.

The safety car had to go out on the track after a car had to be cleared with 19 minutes to go. Lorenzo Colombo over pushed himself a bit and went off the track in the same lap when the safety car went out. He managed to rejoin the track but lost his 3rd position and ended up being 6th. The race restarted with Victor Martins still at the with 17 minutes to go. Colombo was 8th and Cordeel 11th after they completed the lap. Smolyar managed to overtake Victor Martins at the hairpin during the lap after the safety car went in. Victor got some pressure from Collet and Piastri but managed to keep them behind. Deledda span with 12 minutes on the clock and the safety car had to go out again. The race restarted with 8 minutes to go with Victor Martins still at the second place. Collet started to add pressure again what eventually led to a dramatic spin for Victor Martins together with Collet at the hairpin. Victor rejoins the race at the 6th place but managed to end 5th at the end. Lorenzo Colombo ended his race 6th and Amaury Cordeel 8th. Piastri finished 2nd and created a 13,5 point Championship lead.

The last championship-deciding race weekend will take place in Abu Dhabi on the 26/27th of October.

6 October 2019
Photo: Dutch Photo Agency