Victor Martins is Vice-Champion

Victor Martins is Vice-Champion

The last two races of the Eurocup Formula Renault season took place in Abu Dhabi. It was the first time in the Formula Renault history that a race took place in the Emirates and under the dark hours. Victor Martins was still able to win the Championship, and MP Motorsport ran a 4th car with Matteo Nannini in it.

Race 1

The start of the weekend went well for Victor Martins he took his 5th pole position in a row. Lorenzo Colombo had to start 3rd, Matteo Nannini 7th and Amaury Cordeel 8th.

Victor Martins had an average start what eventually cost him 2 places. Victor’s rival Piastri took over the lead of the race, and Lorenzo Colombo managed to take over the 2nd place. Amaury Cordeel was 7th when he passed for the first time the finish line and Matteo Nannini was 9th.

Lloveras had to stop his race on track. The safety car had to go out but went back in again with 20 minutes to go. Victor Martins was faster than Lorenzo Colombo and had to quickly gain positions to increase his chances of winning the Championship. Lorenzo didn’t make it too difficult for Victor to overtake him eventually. Victor took over the 2nd place and had to close a gap of 2 seconds to the leader of the race. Nannini lost a position with 15 minutes, and Cordeel dropped back to position nine not much later.

The second half of the race continued quite calm. Piastri finished his race as the leader and increased his lead as the championship leader. Victor Martins managed to close the gap to 1,2 second from Piastri but ended 2nd followed by Lorenzo Colombo on the 3rd position. Amaury Cordeel finished 9th with his teammate Matteo Nannini on 10th position.

Race 2

To win the Championship, Victor Martins had to find a way to gain more than 20,5 points. He had to win the race, and Piastri had to end the race 7th or lower. Victor Martins started from pole after he got his 6th pole position in a row during the morning qualifying, Matteo Nannini had to start 3rd, Lorenzo Colombo 4th and Amaury Cordeel 10th. Victor had a good start this time and kept the lead while Lorenzo Colombo managed to overtake the 2nd place from Piastri at the long back straight. Matteo Nannini lost a position at the start and dropped back to the 4th position, and Amaury Cordeel kept his 10th place.

Matteo Nannini got in a big battle during the second lap what eventually cost him three places and ended up 6th. Piastri was involved with it too and dropped back to the 4th position. Matteo recovered quickly and made a lovely move on Smolyar in the hairpin and took over the 5th position again.

Amaury Cordeel managed to move up to the 9th position with 20 minutes to go. Eventually, not much happened anymore in the second part of the race. Victor Martins took home the win with almost a 5-sec gap followed by Lorenzo Colombo on the 2nd place. Matteo Nannini ended his race 5th, and Amaury Cordeel crossed the finish line 9th.
Victor Martins came 7,5 points to short and didn’t win the Championship, but ended up as the Eurocup Formula Renault vice-champion of 2019.

Photo: Dutch Photo Agency