Macau Grand Prix: Gold for Verschoor!

Macau Grand Prix: Gold for Verschoor!

Qualifying Race

The qualifying race took place on Saturday. It means racing for your start position for the final race on Sunday. Richard Verschoor did already well during the qualifying itself where he ended up being 5th Saturday morning. Still, he had to keep at least his 5th position during the qualifying race so that he got a good start position for the final lap. Richard did that, moved up even one position and ended up being 4th. Liam Lawson finished the qualifying race 20th and Lukas Dunner 12th.

Final Race

The 15 laps long race started at 9:35 (CET). Richard Verschoor had an average start from 4th place, but the long straight gave him enough time to slipstream up to the second position just behind the Red Bull Junior driver Vips. Lukas Dunner was 11th after the first lap and Liam Lawson 8th after he moved up 8th places!

Two crashes happened with 12 laps to go. Leonardo Pulcini and Ferdinand Habsburg were out of the race, and the safety car had to go out. This was an excellent opportunity for Verschoor to close the gap to Vips and prepare for an overtaking move. The safety car went in with 9 laps to go. Richard took this opportunity and managed to overtake Vips during the restart of the race. Liam was 9th after the restart and Lukas Dunner 12th.

The VSC switched on with 5 laps to go. The cars weren’t allowed to go faster than 80 km/h what made it challenging to keep the temperatures in the tyres. The VSC went off, and Richard had a bit of a harder time with the colder tyres. He even kissed the wall for a small moment and had to defend while Vips tried to overtake him. Richard managed to keep his head cool what eventually led to win the Macau World Cup Final Race! Liam Lawson ended 7th and Lukas Dunner 14th. A great result for all the rookie drivers!

If you did miss the great race of Macau? Don’t worry we added the video below of the full final Macau race.

18 November 2019

Photo: Dutch Photo Agency