F2 | F3 Round 5: British Grand Prix, 2020

F2 | F3 Round 5: British Grand Prix, 2020

Date: 10 August 2020
Cover photo: © Dutch Photo Agency

We stayed in Silverstone for round 5. Again, it was a great weekend for MP Motorsport. The weekend started tough, with a difficult qualifying for both Lukas and Richard, Bent qualified on P5. The qualifying session for the Formula 2 drivers, Felipe and Nobu, was also not what we expected. Due to a yellow flag in sector 2, both drivers couldn’t improve while they were on their fastest lap. Eventually, Felipe qualified on P12 and Nobu on P17.

Formula 3 

In the first race, Richard gained places, and finished on P19 after starting from P27. Lukas also gained places by finishing on P23. Bent had a tougher race and finished on P8 after. Race 2 was very exciting, and in the very last lap, Bent managed to take the win, after being behind Zendeli within a second, for the whole race. After Budapest, this win obviously felt like a relief for the whole team. This was for Bent his first win in Formula 3, but also the team’s first win this season in Formula 3.


Bent Viscaal: “Yesterday was obviously a great day. On Saturday we had the pace, but due to contact with Doohan in lap 1, I had floor damage which made it hard to compete. I finished on P8, and yesterday I made up for it by winning the race. Thanks to the whole team and all their hard work, I am absolutely ready for the upcoming races this season.”

Richard Verschoor: “It was a difficult weekend for me which started with quali. Because of problems with the DRS, I couldn’t improve my time and qualified on P27. After that, you know scoring points is going to be tough. In Race 2 I managed to get close to the points, but I was pushed off the track and therefore felt back to P18. I am looking forward to Barcelona, the car felt great this weekend. Congratulations to Bent and the whole team with the win!”

Lukas Dunner: “The weekend started tough with P28 in quali. Absolutely not what we wanted, but the sessions got red flagged when I was on my best lap. In the race, we managed to get from P28 to P23, but it was still tough. Important is now to learn from the mistakes I made and get the best out of it. I am really sorry for the team because they deserve more after their hard work. During the second race, I didn’t have a lot of luck on my side. I made up quite a lot of positions at the start, but I got taken out by two drivers. Hard weekend for me and my team, but we will come back stronger. Compliments to my teammate Bent, crazy race and he did a mega job!”

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Formula 2

The weekend for the Formula 2 guys was a tougher one compared to last week. With the bad luck during qualifying, the Feature Race was an interesting one where 2 different strategies were applied to the race. Felipe finished in the points on P10, with Nobu right behind him on P11. The Sprint Race was difficult, Nobu had an issue with the car, therefore the pace wasn’t great.


Nobuharu Matsushita: “It was a tough weekend. The pace was there during quali, but because of the yellow flag, I couldn’t improve anymore. The pace was again good during the Feature Race, finishing with a P11. It felt a bit boring because nothing really happened. Today there was an issue with the car, and the pace wasn’t great. In the last lap I was fighting with the 3 cars in front of me, but I spun which was completely my own mistake. I am looking forward to Barcelona.”

Felipe Drugovich: “It was a tricky weekend, starting with qualifying. I couldn’t get my lap together because of traffic. The pace in the Feature race was okay, but it was a tough race because we started from P12 and the strategy we chose was quite similar to the others. In the Sprint Race there was no pace, which made it a difficult race and we finished on P12. We will work on it and get back stronger in Barcelona.”

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