Formula 4 Spain Round 2: Paul Ricard, 2020

Formula 4 Spain Round 2: Paul Ricard, 2020

Date: 25 August 2020
Cover photo: © Dutch Photo Agency

The second race weekend for Formula 4 was once again a great success. We were on every podium with at least one driver and the last race, we won! Oliver Goethe took his first win in Formula 4, ever. All races were very exciting from the start till the finish. Unfortunately, the first race we had two DNFs. Josh Dufek’s car anti-stalled and due to cars in front of him, Enzo Joulie couldn’t see him on time. Therefore they both crashed during the start. During Race 2, Kas Haverkort had technical issues and also had to retire.

Race 1

2. Kas Haverkort
3. Mari Boya
5. Oliver Goethe
DNF Enzo Joulie
DNF Josh Dufek

Race 2
2. Mari Boya
5. Oliver Goethe
7. Josh Dufek
13. Enzo Joulie
DNF Kas Haverkort

Race 3
1. Oliver Goethe
3. Mari Boya
4. Kas Haverkort
5. Josh Dufek
14. Enzo Joulie

At the moment MP Motorsport are still first in team standings with 113 points, followed by Drivex School with 48 points. The driver standing is as followed:

P1. Kas Haverkort             69 points
P2. Oliver Goethe              46 points
P4. Mari Boya                    30 points
P7. Josh Dufek                  19 points
P15. Enzo Joulie                 1 points

The next one on the calendar is Jerez, on the weekend of 19 and 20 September. We will improve our cars and use the data we have, to come back stronger!