F2 | F3 Round 9: Tuscan Grand Prix, 2020

F2 | F3 Round 9: Tuscan Grand Prix, 2020

Date: 14 September 2020
Cover photo: © Dutch Photo Agency

After 11 weeks, round 9 was the very last race weekend for our Formula 3 team, and what a way to end it in Mugello. The track gave us in both Formula 2 and 3 amazing and chaotic races. For our team, we had some highs and some lows in one weekend. One of the highs was Felipe’s 4th finish, and one of the lows was Bent’s early retirement because of technical issues.

Formula 3 

The very last race weekend of the season. It went very quickly and a lot happened in 11 weeks. With Richard’s podium in the first round, Bent’s redemption in Silverstone after Budapest, and Lukas’ highest finish in the MP car. The weekend started a bit tough with the qualifying session, where the highest qualification was Richard his P14, which eventually became P13 after penalties some drivers took with them from Monza. During Race 1 Bent unfortunately had to retire very soon, due to technical issues. Race 2 went a bit better for everyone! Richard gained 7 positions and finished on P5, Bent’s race was tough starting in the back but he made most of it by gaining 8 places and Lukas also drove a very solid race.


Bent Viscaal: “The qualifying session was a bit poor, I couldn’t get the most out of it, so that’s why we qualified on P19. At the start of Race 1, I gained a lot of places, so that looked promising, but unfortunately, we suffered from the engine issues. During Race 2 I was still suffering from the same problem, where we started from P28. It will be a tough race starting from P28 but I still overtook as many people as I could and finished on P20. I’d like to thank MP Motorsport for this amazing year. Especially the first part of the season was absolutely great. We were a bit more unfortunate during the second part, but nevertheless thank you all! I am looking forward to the future.”

Richard Verschoor: “We really finished the season great with a strong last race. The car was amazing and it was a very nice race, starting from P12 and finishing on P5. It’s a shame the car wasn’t as strong in practice and qualifying as during the race. Still, I am very satisfied with the way we could finish the season. Thanks to MP Motorsport and the whole team for the year!”

Lukas Dunner: “So, overall the Weekend was again really tough for us. We struggled to find the right set up, and because of changing it so many times, I didn’t have enough confidence. Quali P21 and Race 1 P21 was the maximum what I could do! In the second race, we managed to put the car on a good level and I was able to get some positions and in the end, we finished the season on P17. Not the best way but at least we improved and learned. This whole season I have learned a lot and would like to thank MP Motorsport for that. I will take everything with me to the future. Thanks guys!”


Formula 2

The race weekend started great for Felipe, compared to Nobu’s weekend. Unfortunately, his car had a misfire with the engine, which couldn’t be fixed before the free practice and qualifying. Therefore he couldn’t set a fast lap and had to start from P21 in the Feature Race. The Formula 2 Feature race was insane and atypical, old school Formula 2 race filled with chaos. Both Felipe and Nobu could stay out of it. Felipe was fighting for a podium but after a safety car, in the very last laps, the odds weren’t on his side and he just missed out on the podium. He still finished on a very impressive P4! Nobu’s car got fixed before the Feature Race and he finished after a solid race on P11, after starting on P21.

The Sprint Race was difficult for Felipe, especially compared to the Feature Race. He had an issue and he was quickly overtaken by the other drivers, within a few laps he was driving on P15 after starting on P4. At the moment, we are analyzing what caused this problem, so we can make sure it won’t happen in Sochi.



Nobuharu Matsushita: “It was a difficult weekend overall, to start with an engine issue. I couldn’t fight hard as well for both races. But I’d like to thank everyone who is supporting me even in this difficult time. We will come back stronger.”

Felipe Drugovich: “I think the weekend was average, we expected a little bit more. We had a really good car and pace in the practice and quali went very well. I ended up on P5, but it could have been a pole position, if I didn’t got a yellow flag in my fast lap. We couldn’t show our true potential, but I am still happy with P5. I finished the Feature Race on P4 after a tough race and a slow pitstop. The race itself wasn’t ideal, but the pace was good. After the last safety car, I couldn’t make up and finished on P4. I think it’s still not a bad result for the team. In the Sprint Race we had a problem with the tyres or the car, we don’t know yet but it created massive tyre degradation, so we lost a lot of amount of time losing grip. It could have been a good race but we couldn’t achieve that because of the problems. We will learn from it and take it with us to Sochi.”

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