F2 Round 10: Russian Grand Prix, 2020

F2 Round 10: Russian Grand Prix, 2020

Date: 28 September 2020
Cover photo: © Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 2

Sochi was the first weekend that Giuliano Alesi was driving in the MP Motorsport car. It was also a weekend with mixed feelings. The qualifying session really wasn’t our best result this season, with a P15 for Felipe and a P21 for Giuliano. The Feature Race was quickly finished for Felipe. There was a crash in the first lap, in turn 2 with multiple cars, he got touched from behind and there was too much damage to continue. Giuliano on the other hand, drove from P21 to P14 which is a decent result in his first weekend, starting from the back! The Sprint Race was a completely different story. A very hard crash between Jack Aitken and Luca Ghiotto in lap 8, made the race finish early. Thankfully, both drivers got out really quickly by themselves, but the damage to the barriers was too much to fix in a short time. The final classification is from Lap 5, when Giuliano was driving on P16 and Felipe on P20.


Giuliano Alesi: “Obviously it is my first time with the team and I feel like I fit in well, and I’ve blended in and bonded well with them. I am really keen on hitting the track again. I think there is a lot of potential in our car, that unfortunately, we weren’t able to show this weekend due to multiple circumstances and situations that were out of our control. We will be back stronger in Bahrain, until then we will keep working as hard as we can.”

Felipe Drugovich: “I think this was one of our toughest weekends, in the season. It started with the Free Practice, we didn’t feel comfortable with the car and didn’t have the pace in quali. Looking at the pace Giuliano had, I think the Feature Race could have been a good race for us, but unfortunately, someone crashed into my rear and pushed me towards the crash, there wasn’t much I could do. I had a really good start during the Sprint Race, got up to P15 real quick. I had an issue with the pedal shifts in the steering wheel, which made me get stuck in second gear for almost half the first lap. I was more than 30 seconds behind the last car, so not our weekend. We have a big break now and can improve and analyze for the next two rounds.”

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