F2 Round 11: Bahrain Grand Prix, 2020

F2 Round 11: Bahrain Grand Prix, 2020

Date: 30 November 2020
Cover photo: © Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 2

The first round of the Bahrain Grand Prix started great for us, with a really good qualifying result for both Felipe and Giuliano. Felipe qualified on P2 and Giuliano on P6! But, nothing can compare to the result of the Feature Race. Felipe won his first Feature Race with a gap of more than 14 seconds, after winning 2 Sprint Races in Austria and Spain. He now has a total of 3 wins behind his name in his rookie season. This also means the team has won it’s first 2 Feature Races in Formula 2 this season.

The Sprint Race was a completely different race, where it was mostly a race against the tyres. Giuliano was starting from P17 and Felipe on P8. Both had good fights during the race, which meant the tyre degradation only got worse. In the end Giuliano finished on P13 and Felipe could secure a point by finishing on P8.


Giuliano Alesi: “I am happy with my result during the qualifying session, but engine failure didnt help and therefore I couldn’t set a second lap. For the races I still have to work on understanding the tyre managent. So that’s some working for me and lets hope for the best, and see what I can do for the next weekend to come.”

Felipe Drugovich: “It was a super good weekend, beginning with the qualifying session and starting from P2. after Sochi we didn’t know what to expect, after a tough weekend there, but I am really happy with P2. I expected to be fast during the Feature Race, but I didn’t expect this pace. Obviously, I am very happy with that. Also, the my first Feature Race win, it feels like a relief. I’ve been looking forward to this for the whole year, we’ve had some missed opportunities and won some Sprint Races, but you want to have that proper win from Feature Race. So this feels really good. During the Sprint Race we had an issue at the start the start, nothing major, and we finished with P8 in the end. It’s good enough and overall I am really happy with the weekend. Hopefully we can continue this for last and final round.”

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