July 1, 2021

Challenge 2

July 1, 2021

FINISHED - Challenge #02 Predict our F3 weekend

How good are your predicting skills? Find it out with our new challenge and win an MP Motorsport cap and water bottle signed by Caio Collet!

In order to win you need to predict Tijmen’s finishing position for Sprint race 1, Victors finishing position for Sprint race 2, Caio’s finishing position for Race 3, and, in case of a draw, a prediction for the total points MP Motorsport earns this weekend. The one person with the best overall prediction wins.

So, send us an email to community@mpmotorsport.com with the subject “challenge #02”, with your 3 predictions for the race positions, and the prediction of the total points MP will earn that weekend.

Send us the email before Thursday 21:00 CEST!


The right prediction was: Tijmen, 18th. Victor, 26th. Caio, 7th. Team points, 12.

5 people were all equally close to this prediction, but only one was the closest to the team points, which was Yannick! Congratulations and enjoy your signed merchandise!