Formula 3

Formula 3 is the ultimate proving ground for young talented drivers. As the main feeder series for both F2 and F1, the formula 3 hosts races throughout Europe and even the USA alongside the official F1 weekends.

Formula 3

The talent proving ground

Formula 3 is the main feeder series for both F1 and F2. Like the F2 series, the FIA Formula 3 Championship is an exclusive F1 support series during Grand Prix weekends. As in every other feeder series, F3 cars are all the same, putting the focus on the driver and the knowledge of the teams. Max Verstappen is among the few drivers to have been promoted directly from F3 to F1.

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Formula 3

Car specifications


  • Top speed: 300 km/h.
  • Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 2.8 seconds
  • Acceleration 0 – 200km/h: 8.5 seconds
  • Lateral acceleration up to +/- 2.6 G.
  • Maximum braking deceleration -1.9 G
  • Bespoke Mecachrome 6 cylinder 3.4L
  • Power: 600hp @ 8100 rpm
  • Torque: 380Nm @ 6050 rpm
  • Fly by wire throttle system.
  • Bespoke six gear longitudinal gearbox designed by Hewland.
  • Magneti Marelli electro-hydraulic command via paddle shift from steering wheel.
  • Length : 4980mm
  • Width :  1885mm
  • Heigth : 1042mm
  • Wheelbase : 2943mm
  • Overall weight : 698kg
  • Chassis designed by Dallara Automobili.
  • Carbon Monocoque complying to FIA F3 2019 Safety standards.
  • Front and rear wing made out of carbon composite material.
  • 13″ O.Z. Rims
  • Pirelli tyres.
  • Magneti Marelli system for ECU/PowerBox
  • XAP steering wheel
  • Double steel wishbones, pushrod operated, twin dampers and spring suspension (F & R).
  • Adjustable ride height, camber and toe.
  • Two way (F & R) adjustable Koni dampers.
  • Adjustable anti-roll bar (Front/Rear).
  • Brembo Steel brake calipers and discs
  • Air cooled via carbon air duct