F4 Navarra

2 podiums for Noah!

After a month, F4 was back for their second round in Navarra. All 9 drivers were ready for a full schedule with practices, qualifying sessions and 3 races.

In Q1 we had 4 cars in the top 10, with Dilano on pole. We finished Q2 with 3 cars in the top 10!

Qualifying 1

P1 Dilano van ‘t Hoff
P4 Noah Degnbol
P5 Georg Kelstrup
P6 Manuel Espirito Santo
P12 Rik Koen
P15 Suleiman Zanfari
P18 Santi Trisini
P24 Emely de Heus

Qualifying 2

P2 Dilano van ‘t Hoff
P4 Noah Degnbol
P8 Gil Molina
P12 Manuel Espirito Santo
P15 Rik Koen
P16 Suleiman Zanfari
P17 Santi Trisini
P23 Emely de Heus
P25 Georg Kelstrip – didn’t set a time

Race 1

Dilano started from pole, but did not have a smooth start. He fell back from P1 to P3, while Georg overtook him and was driving for P2. Noah was close to Dilano on P4, and after him, a gap of a few seconds was made. It was mainly the top 4 driving for the win, but a lot of battles between the other drivers also occurred. Suleiman was driving on P10, after starting on P15. The top 4 remained the same for almost the complete race, until the last minute. Dilano overtook Georg and was now driving on P2. Behind him Georg and Noah were fighting for P3, where it was Georg who saw the chequered flag first. This was Georg’s second podium after his win in Spa. In the end, 6 MP drivers made it into the top 10!

Race 1 classification:

P2 Dilano van ‘t Hoff
P3 Georg Kelstrup
P4 Noah Degnbol
P6 Rik Koen
P7 Manuel Espirito Santo
P10 Suleiman Zanfari
P13 Santi Trisini
P16 Gil Molina
P22 Emely de Heus

Race 2

After the start of the race, Noah was quickly driving on P3, Dilano was right behind him on P4, and Georg, Manuel and Rik on P6, 7 and 8. In the first lap Santi crashed and a safety car came out. The safety car almost lasted for more than 10 minutes, with only 4 minutes left for the drivers to race. Not much changed in the last few minutes, except for Manuel overtaking Georg so he would finish on P6. Noah finished P3 and made his first podium of the season!

Race 2 qualification:

P3 Noah Degnbol
P4 Dilano van ‘t Hoff
P6 Manuel Espirito Santo
P7 Georg Kelstrup
P9 Suleiman Zanfari
P13 Gil Molina
P14 Rik Koen
P21 Emely de Heus
DNF Santi Trisini

Race 3

For the last race of the weekend, Dilano was starting on P2 and Noah on P4. Noah gained a position during the start and was immediately driving on P3, right behind Dilano. Gil gained 3 places and was driving on P5, after starting on P8. Unfortunately, Georg had to retire very soon after he crashed. Dilano and Noah stayed close to the driver on P1, Bordas. At the same time Noah also had to defend his P3. With 9 more minutes to race, the safety car had to come out again. It lasted for 5 minutes, with 2 minutes left on the clock it went back in as all crashed cars were off track. In the last minute Bordas, who was still driving on P1, had issues on his car and fell back. This meant Dilano and Noah were driving on P1 and 2. In the final lap two cars collided, the red flag came out and the race was stopped. Dilano was back on P1 after a rather tough weekend for him compared to Spa, and Noah was back for his second podium of the day! Gil finished on P5 and scored his first points of the weekend! Manuel was again having a solid race and finished on P8.

Race 3 classification:

P1 Dilano van ’t Hoff
P2 Noah Degnbol
P5 Gil Molina
P8 Manuel Espirito Santo
P13 Santi Trisini
P15 Suleiman Zanfari
P18 Rik Koen
P21 Emely de Heus
DNF Georg Kelstrup

The current driver standings:

P1 Dilano van ‘t Hoff – 119 points
P3 Noah Degnbol – 52 points
P6 Georg Kelstrup – 40 points
P10 Rik Koen – 21 points
P11 Manuel Espirito Santo – 17 points
P13 Gil Molina – 10 points
P18 Suleiman Zanfari – 2 points
P22 Santi Trisini – 0 points
P23 Emely de Heus – 0 points


“I’m proud of myself and the team.”

What a weekend! The second round of Spanish F4 in Navarra went really well, I worked very hard with the team to find the speed and we are almost there now. We had two positive qualifying sessions and I was able to build upon that in the races. This meant I could fight for the win. I got my first and second podium in F4! It’s a really good step forward and im proud of myself and the team.

— Noah Degnbol

“Race 3 made up for both races 1 and 2.”

Another great weekend has done after 4 days of hard work. Even though we didn’t get very lucky in races 1 and 2, race 3 made up for both of them! Thanks so much to the team for making everything possible this weekend, we’re off to Portimao next month!

— Dilano van ‘t Hoff

“There’s the confidence I can do much better.”

The second day was a much better day than the first, snatching my first points of the season. After a better qualifying and a good race after making positions at the start. Overall an up a down weekend with good and bad lessons learned. There’s the confidence I can do much better at the next race which is Portimao, in July. A couple of weeks to get prepared but I’m ready for it already. Thanks to the team, family, sponsors, and everyone who’s supported me in this journey

— Gil Molina

“I feel like I am getting more closer.”

I have learned a lot this weekend and loved the track.  I feel like I am getting more and more close to the other guys, which is really good. I am looking forward  towards the next weekend in Portimao, I am completely focusing on that now!

— Emely de Heus

“Not the results I was hoping for.”

We didn’t get the results I was hoping for before the weekend, but I learned a lot. Next week we have tests and I’ll fully focus on the next race weekend.

— Rik Koen