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F4UAE / FRMEC Kuwait R3

Formula 4 FRECA — February 2, 2023

Round 2 of Kuwait

Round 2 of Kuwait including another double pole

After driving for the first time at Kuwait Motor Town last weekend, both teams stayed for another few days as the third round of the championships was happening on Tuesday and Wednesday in Kuwait. Like during the weekend, this round had some peaks and lows, with multiple safety car sessions during the races. Both teams were driving with the same line-up as during the first round in Kuwait.

Formula 4 UAE

Emely made a great process compared to the second round. She qualified in P23 during the first qualifying, and in P30 in the second qualifying session. She was driving within the top 20 during the first race, but unfortunately got stuck in the gravel in the final laps which made her finish in P35. During the other two races, she was able to set her best finish yet. On Wednesday morning, Emely finished in P21 and later during the third race she crossed the finish line in P25.

Valerio qualified in P7 and P4. During the first race, he also finished fourth. He improved on Wednesday, as he finished the first race as third on the podium and during Race 2 he finished second. This has been his fifth podium finish this series.

KUWAIT(KWT) JAN 30- FEB 2 2023 – Round three of the FRMEC / F4UAE at Kuwait Motor Town. Emely DE HEUS #60, MP Motorsport. © 2023 Niels Broekema / Dutch Photo Agency.


Like during the first Kuwait round, two MP cars took pole position. During the first qualifying session it was even a 1-2-3 MP lineup. Joshua took pole, Sami second and Mari came in third position. Brad qualified for his personal best result in this championship, by setting the 7th time. During the second qualifying session, Sami took pole with Mari right behind him in P2. Joshua qualified 6th and Brad in P15.

With the first three spots on the grid covered with MP cars for the first race, it, unfortunately, didn’t end like this. During the opening lap, Joshua touched Sami and both ended up in the back of the grid. Unfortunately, both weren’t able to finish the race. Due to the defending Mari had to do, his tyres didn’t last, but he was able to finish third. Brad finished in P12. During the second race Mari finished 6th, and Sami and Joshua had to come from the back of the grid and finished in P16 ad P13, with Brad finishing in front of the both of them in P11. This was Brad’s final finish of the round, as he wasn’t able to finish the third race due to technical issues. Sami and Joshua came in fifth and sixth, while Mari finished in P10.

F4UAE and FRMEC will return at the weekend of 10-11 February, when they go back to the Dubai Autodrome.

KUWAIT(KWT) JAN 30- FEB 2 2023 – Round three of the FRMEC / F4UAE at Kuwait Motor Town. Mari BOYA #60, Hyderabad Blackbirds by MP Motorsport. © 2023 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency.

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