FRECA Monaco

In the streets of Monaco

FRECA joined Formula 1 and 2 in Monaco as support series. Both Oliver and Franco had a special Gulf livery due to their sponsor ROFGO who celebrated a 12-year partnership with them. Monaco started great, Franco qualified P7, Kas P17, and Oliver P25. Because only 28 cars fit Monaco, this would mean that Oliver was only able to drive in Race 2 as they split the group of drivers who qualified from P25 till P33 over both races.

Unfortunately, FRECA decided to disqualify Franco for having a non-compliant car to the technical regulations in the post-Qualifying scrutineering. They checked the steering rack in parc fermé and found that the two small spacers which were both installed on the car, were the wrong way round, giving no performance advantage to Franco or MP Motorsport. All his qualifying laps were deleted. This meant Franco would only be available to drive for 1 race, instead of 2, and he had to start dead last. Both Franco and the team decided to withdraw from Race 1, to prevent any serious damage to the car, and with the next round the week after. This meant Oliver would be able to drive both races.

Race 1

Kas was now starting from P16 and Oliver from P24. With 17 minutes left on the clock, Oliver gained a place and was now driving on P23. Kas was constantly fighting for P17 and P16, with all drivers being really close to each other.  After 5 minutes, the safety car came out as Marinangeli crashed. This brought Oliver to P22. With 12 minutes left, the Alpine safety car went back in. Kas was currently driving on P17. While the safety car was driving its last lap, Ten Brinke felt back to P19, which was good for Kas as he gained another place. Quickly after the cars were racing again, Bortoleto also fell back, who was fighting with Kas. Kas was now driving on P15 and Oliver on P21.

In the last 10 minutes, Oliver overtook Gnos. Both Oliver and Kas drove a solid race in Monaco. Kas finished P14 and Oliver P18, after starting from P24.

MONACO (MC) May 20-24 2021 – Grand Prix de Monaco.Oliver Goethe #96, MP motorsport. © 2021 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency.

Race 2

In Race 2, Kas started from P15 and Oliver from P23. Quickly after the race started, it got red-flagged due to a massive crash in lap 1, right after turn 1. All drivers involved were doing okay. Luckily, both Kas and Oliver were not harmed by this crash. Kas was in front of it, and Oliver got blocked by the cars but wasn’t touched. He could continue his way back to the pits, where all cars had to go. After all cars which were involved in the crash were back to the pits, and the marshals cleared the track, the race could start again.

Kas was now driving on P12 and Oliver on P20. The restart behind the safety car went smooth and clean. With 17 minutes left, with Oliver on P18 and Kas on P12, Aron crashed which made the safety car came out. Another safety car followed as Pesce crashed, and not quickly after that Seppanen also had to retire. With 5 minutes left, the safety car went back in. Kas kept fighting to finish in the top 10, and he was very close but finished in the 11th position. Oliver finished on P16. Both drove a very good race.

The current driver standings are as followed:

P16 – Oliver Goethe – 2 points
P19 – Kas Haverkort – 0 points
P34 – Franco Colapinto – 0 points

Team standings:

P8 – MP Motorsport – 2 points