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FRECA Monaco

FRECA — May 31, 2022

Points for Michael

Joining Formula 1 and Formula 2, FRECA also went to Monaco for the weekend.

Monaco can only have 28 cars on the grid, but FRECA has 37 drivers. This meant not all drivers could race both races. Michael and Sami qualified 5th and 14th and were able to drive both races. Dilano qualified on P26 and could only start the second race.

The first was a hectic one. With 21 minutes left, the race was red-flagged, after multiple cars piled up in the Grand Hotel Hairpin. With 10 minutes left, the race was restarted. Not much happened after that and Michael finished in the position he started, and Sami finished fifteenth. There was more racing in the second race, but the top 8 mainly stayed the same. Michael collected more points by finishing sixth, Sami was very close to points and finished on P11. Dilano managed to overtake quite some positions and finished on P20, coming from P26.

Current driver standings:
P5 Michael Belov – 56 points
P17 Sami Meguetounif – 2 points
P28 Dilano van ‘t Hoff – 0 points
Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 58 points

FRECA moves straight away to Paul Ricard for the fourth round of the season.

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