FRECA Paul Ricard

Kas scores his first points!

Without a break, FRECA moved from Monte Carlo to Paul  Ricard for their 4th round of the season. After Monaco ended badly for Franco, he was ready to race again. FRECA started with collective tests on Friday, and had their qualifying sessions and races on Saturday and Sunday.

Results qualifying 1:

P9 Kas Haverkort
P13 Franco Colapinto
P18 Oliver Goethe

Results qualifying 2:

P15 Oliver Goethe
P17 Franco Colapinto
P18 Kas Haverkort

Race 1

Everyone came out in one piece after a smooth start, where Kas gained a position and was driving on P8. In the second lap the safety car came out, when two drivers collided. After almost 9 minutes the safety car went back in and the racing started again. Oliver gained two places and was driving on P16, after starting on P18. With a lot of fighting on track, all three drivers had to defend their positions. In the last 3 minutes again two cars collided which had the safety car out again. Oliver lost a position and was driving on P17. The race finished under the safety car, which meant Kas had his first points! Belov, who finished 3rd, was driving on a wild card so he wasn’t given any points. As Kas finished on P8, he received the points of P7.

After the race, Saucy (P1) was disqualified which meant Kas got promoted to P7, and received the points of P6. Franco was promoted to P12 and Oliver to P16.

Le Castellet (FRA), May 28 – 30 2021 – Forth round of Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2021 at Circuit Paul Ricard. Franco Colapinto #43, MP motorsport. © 2021 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency.

Race 2

As our qualifying of Q2 was a bit tougher compared to Q1, all drivers had to start from the midfield. During the start, Franco gained 3 positions and was driving on P14. Oliver was driving on P17, in front of Kas who had the 18th position. The midfield battles were very exciting with a lot of overtaking and defending. Franco made it to P13, but Seppanen on P14 was very close behind him. Kas and Oliver made it to P15 and 16. Another safety car had to come out in the last few minutes, but right before the final lap it went back in. In the end, Kas and Oliver finished on P16 and 17 and Franco on P13.

After the race a 10 second penalty was handed to Aron, which promoted Franco to P12, and Kas and Oliver to P15 and 16.

Current driver standings:

P14 Kas Haverkort – 8 points
P17 Oliver Goethe – 2 points
P20 Franco Colapinto – 0 points

Team standings:

P8 – MP Motorsport – 10 points

“Improvements were made throughout the weekend”

It was a decent weekend overall however we’re still not where we want to be and where we could be. The two qualifyings, which are the most crucial sessions of a FRECA race weekend, were quite a struggle making it difficult to reach the top 10 for points, nevertheless improvements were made throughout the weekend and i’m feeling confident for Zandvoort.

— Oliver Goethe

“The team spirit is still really strong and positive”

Obviously, as the results show it was a difficult weekend for us. The goal is to jump back higher and stronger after these few difficult races. The team spirit is still really strong and positive. We are working hard to be back on top as soon as possible.

— Franco Colapinto