• 1995 / 1996

    1995 / 1996

    Cock Kool decided to make serious business of his sons Ferdinand and Mervyn’s future in motor racing by creating the MultiPromo foundation. This led to the creation of a racing team, starting its first races in Formula Ford.

  • 1997


    The team moved into a new workshop in Oudenbosch. This made MP into a real racing team: it would stay in Oudenbosch until 2011, at which moment the workshop had finally become too cramped for the team’s hugely expanded activities.  

  • 1998


    MultiPromo strengthened its Formula Ford line-up with the talented Vincent van der Valk, the team now possessed two drivers capable of winning. And they both did: Walter van Lent won at Spa while Van Der Valk triumphed in ‘the big race’ during the Marlboro Masters weekend at Zandvoort. For the..Read More

  • 1999


    1999 was a year of transition for MultiPromo. Or even more dramatically: the team almost closed its doors. Kool did not have any drivers to start the seasons with, while his founding partners all left the team. Despite the legal kerfuffle in the run-up to the Whitsun Races, Kool’s bid..Read More

  • 2000


    After the team’s remarkable phoenix-from-the-flames act of 1999, MultiPromo was ready to stake its claim on the 2000 Dutch Formula Ford title. Patrick Koel got a new full-time teammate in Ferdinand Kool, and indeed Koel proved triumphant in the end.  

  • 2001


    With Patrick Koel having taken the title and leaving the team, Ferdinand Kool became the team’s new number-one driver. The founder’s son got most of the attention, as Kool’s new teammate Michael Koel (Patrick’s cousin) did not take part in every race.  

  • 2002


    MP had already claimed the Dutch Formula Ford 1800 title in 2000 but in 2002 it would display unparalleled dominance. Driving the older Mygale chassis, Jaap van Lagen proved unbeatable, especially during the first part of the season. Teammate Dillon Koster shared in the team’s joy by taking one more..Read More

  • 2003


    Eight years after the team was founded, MultiPromo was ready to take up a new challenge in 2003. Led by Dick van der Wilt, drivers Ferdinand Kool and Olivier Tielemans faced battle with the likes of Paul Meijer, Junior Strous and Giedo van der Garde. Kool won once, at Zandvoort,..Read More

  • 2004


    MP Motorsport decided to concentrate its efforts on one category again. The team waved goodbye to Formula Ford, the formula in which MP had grown into a fully-fledged motorsport outfit. For the next two years, the national Formula Renault championship would be the team’s focus.

  • 2005


    MP Motorsport joined forces with Bas Lammers. The karting star was eager to make the jump to car racing and chose MP to do so. He got support from a sponsor that would become hugely important for MP Motorsport’s future: De Jong Packaging. Henk de Jong had been Lammers’ sponsor..Read More

  • 2006


    Due to the demise of the national Formula Renault championship MP Motorsport shifted its focus across the Dutch borders: the new Northern European Cup for Formula Renault 2.0 cars seemed a fresh opportunity. With Oscar Wilkens for its debut NEC season, the team was knocking on the door of the..Read More

  • 2007


    MP joined forces with Nick Catsburg, the reigning Formula Ford Benelux champion. With Catsburg, the team was able to battle out in front in the NEC. Catsburg helped the team to a flood of top-ten placings, with fourth at Hockenheim as best result.    

  • 2008


    After a thrilling NEC season in 2007 the team was eager to move up to Formula Renault’s highest level: the Eurocup. It was handed a wildcard for the Spa meeting, and the unexpected happened: Paul Meijer took the spoils in the second race of the weekend, having done possibly the..Read More

  • 2009


    With MP Motorsport having secured a spot in Formula Renault 2.0, it was time to consolidate its position in the championship. In 2009, the team started off with Daniel de Jong and Nigel Melker, the latter having moved over from Van Amersfoort Racing. The two would race in both the..Read More

  • 2010


    MP Motorsport again focused on the NEC and the Eurocup. It would be an utterly successful NEC season, with Karl-Oscar Liiv taking two wins at Assen and Daniël de Jong also winning at the Nürburgring. At Brno and Assen, the Dutchman also left his calling card with a second place..Read More

  • 2011


    MP Motorsport began spreading its wings internationally by entering Daniël de Jong for three Auto GP meetings. Meanwhile the team kept its focus on the NEC while claiming some great results in the Eurocup, thanks to Karl-Oscar Liiv. The star of the NEC team was Jordan King who had arrived..Read More

  • 2012


    After a successful reconnaissance in 2011, MP Motorsport decided to embark on a full season of Auto GP for 2012 – now working from its big new workshop in Westmaas. There were new developments at Formula Renault 2.0 level as well, as the demise of the UK championship allowed MP..Read More

  • 2013


    This was the busiest year in MP Motorsport’s history. The team continued in Auto GP, and fully aimed at winning the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup while also taking in selected NEC rounds. Moreover, it embarked on a new adventure by taking over Scuderia Coloni’s GP2 entry and assets. This raised..Read More

  • 2014


    2014 was all about continuity: a second year in GP2 was coupled with a fresh attempt to finish high up the order in the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup. The team was handed another job with running several cars for the new FA1 World Series, which would be headlining the Acceleration..Read More

  • 2015


    MP Motorsport continued its GP2 and Formula Renault 2.0 campaigns. As in 2014, the Formula Renault team focused on the Eurocup weekends, with NEC outings to keep their drivers on their toes. The GP2 cars were given a shiny new orange-and-white livery while the Formula Renault 2.0 cars were donned..Read More

  • 2016


    A brand new category was added to MP’s activities: Formula 4. Its debut season in the SMP NEZ and Spanish F4 championships would prove to be highly successful. Richard Verschoor took the titles in both series, with Jarno Opmeer taking the runner-up spot in the NEZ championship. As a result,..Read More

  • 2017


    In Formula 4, MP Motorsport continued its dominance as Christian Lundgaard followed in Verschoor’s footsteps by claiming both the NEZ and Spanish titles, after which he was duly picked up as a Renault junior, while Bent Viscaal took second in both championships. GP2 was now renamed Formula 2, and at..Read More

  • 2018


    MP Motorsport completed its single-seater programme by taking over the DAMS entry in GP3. The team now boasted all steps of the ladder to Formula 1: from Formula 4 and Formula Renault to GP3 and F2. In the newly added category, Dorian Boccolacci won in Hungary while Verschoor took third..Read More

  • 2019


    The undoubted highlight of the season came right at the end when Richard Verschoor beat all the favourites in the FIA F3 World Cup through the streets of Macau, making history for the team. In the Formula Renault Eurocup, Victor Martins and Lorenzo Colombo took second and fourth respectively after..Read More