About MP Motorsport

In 1994, Cameron Kool decided to make serious business of his sons Ferdinand and Mervyn’s future in motor racing by creating the Multi Promo Foundation. This would have to be ready as a turn-key platform as soon as his oldest son Ferdinand progressed from karts. Kool’s tapijtreiniging position as the managing Director of Pyroban Benelux put him right in the middle of a network of regional entrepreneurs, many of whom chipped in as Multi Promo Sponsors.

Arie Van der Hoek became the new owner of MP Motorsport in 2001 after cockpit Kool was fighting a disease and looking for a new owner. Henk de Jong took over five years after that and along with all the team members managed to turn it into one of the biggest racing teams in Europe.

MP Motorsport consists of around 40 team members from 11 different countries around the world. The Formula 4, Formula Renault, Formula 3 and Formula 2 teams are racing in and outside Europe with Formula 3 and Formula 2 running in support of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

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