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2023 Driver Cards

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You read that right! Hand-signed driver cards are here!

Some more info:

* The driver cards are free, but you pay for shipping costs.
* Driver cards are sent in 2 packages. You can not request specific driver cards.
* First get = first served. Not all packages will have all driver cards.
* You can order 1 package at a time.
* Driver cards are being sent without a tracking code, as it will be too expensive to be sent with. Unfortunately, sometimes envelopes get lost in the mail or can take a while to arrive – especially when sent out overseas. Please note MP is not able to track these for you and therefore, can not be held accountable when envelopes go missing. This means shipping costs won’t be refunded.


  • Jehan Daruvala
  • Joss Garfias (unavailable)
  • Amna Al Qubaisi (unavailable)
  • Sami Meguetounif
  • Jeronimo Berrio
  • Pedro Clerot
  • Jonny Edgar
  • Sebastian Ogaard
  • Alvise Rodella
  • Bruno del Pino
  • Dilano van ‘t Hoff (Dilano’s signed driver cards won’t be sent out to fans. We have decided to keep Dilano’s cards within the team or hand them out to his direct family and friends).



  • Dennis Hauger
  • Keanu Al Azhari
  • Victor Bernier
  • Mari Boya
  • Franco Colapinto
  • Sebastian Gravlund
  • Valerio Rinicella
  • Hamda Al Qubaisi (unavailable)
  • Emely de Heus (unavailable)


Note: Please note that we do not keep a list with names and addresses, requesting them via our webshop is the only way to receive our driver cards.


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