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MP Motorsport Hoodie

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Do you want to watch our races warm and comfortable? Don’t look further.

We seek talent within MP in everything we do. Last season we collaborated with the Allround Fashion Artist class from the Dutch Beauty School where¬† students were asked to design a piece of casual wear. Naomi Pina’s hoodie design stood out most to us, and we will now happily sell it to all our fans.

The orange line on the hood writes “MP Motorsport” and resembles the new orange of MP. We went for a high-quality fabric, which will keep you warm and comfortable when you are chilling at home, during the cold days and evenings.

The hoodie is part of our official MP clothing line, along with the polo and cap.

You can choose your own default size, however, the hoodie doesn’t stretch on the borders much. So if you like to wear it oversized, we advise you to choose a larger size.


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