Tough opening round in FRECA

After a few changes of the calendar, the first race weekend wasn’t set to be in Spa-Francorchamps, but in Imola as the only support act of the Formula 1 race. It was the first race weekend where Formula Renault and Formula Regional merged into one series: Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine. This also meant there were 32 drivers originally to be on the grid. In the end, only 30 were able to drive all weekend. Unfortunately, one of the 2 who couldn’t make it was our driver Franco Colapinto. Due to the changes of both calendars, his WEC duties clashed with the opening weekend of FRECA, which made us compete with 2 drivers only.

Kas qualified for Race 1 on P15, and Race 2 on P12. Oliver’s results were P17 for Race 1, and P15 for Race 2.

Race 1

It was a hectic race with multiple safety cars. Both Kas and Oliver’s start was a good one, where Kas gained 2 places and Oliver remained his place. The first safety car followed after 3 minutes when a car ended in the gravel. After the first safety car, Oliver and Kas were still fighting and close to the top 10. The second safety car followed 5 minutes after the first safety car went in, in the meantime, Oliver gained another place and was driving on P16, with Kas still fighting for P13. Oliver was fighting his way to the top ten, fighting on P15.

Kas was battling for P12 with Rosso in the last 3 minutes of the race. Not quick after that, Kas got hit from behind and pushed into the tires, with quite an impact. Luckily he could get out of the car by himself and was doing well, but getting close to the top 10 and getting pushed out in the last few minutes was definitely not how he was imagining how his first race would go. The remaining drivers finished under the safety car, with Oliver seeing the chequered flag on P14.

Race 2

Just as Race 1, Race 2 also had a quick safety car after the first few laps, where our drivers had a good start. After the safety car Kas and Oliver were fighting on the same positions as they did in Race 1, Kas on P12 and Oliver on P15. It was an exciting fight where our boys kept on fighting, and Oliver was quickly moving up towards Kas, driving behind him op P13. After half of the race was done, two drivers in the front of the field crashed together, which got another safety car our but also made Kas drive on P10 and Oliver right behind him.

After the safety car, Oliver passed Kas and was driving for his first points. Luck wasn’t on Kas his side this weekend, because his front wing broke and he had to retire in the second race. It was a better race for Oliver, who finished on P9 and got his first 2 points in the opening weekend!  

With his first points, Oliver is now on P13 in the general standings and P6 in the rookie standings. MP Motorsport is on P7 in the team standings.


“However, I managed to secure my first points.”

It was a tough weekend, but I gave it my all to make the most out of it. The qualifying sessions weren’t the best however I managed to secure my first points in FRECA in Race 2, finishing P9 and the third-best rookie. Obviously, I’m still not exactly where I want to be and where I could be, however, overall, it was a promising first race. Thanks to MP Motorsport for all their hard work.

— Oliver Goethe

“We were close to points and fighting close to the top 10.”

It was a hard and unlucky weekend for me, even though we were close to points and fighting close to the top 10. I got hit from behind in the first race which made me crash into the wall, and in the second race, my front wing broke so I had to retire from the race. Anyway, we got Barcelona in 2,5 weeks so let’s rock there!

— Kas Haverkort