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Publiée le July 3, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Collecting important championship points

Formula 2

Felipe and the team scored good points in the seventh round of the Formula 2 championship. In the first race on Saturday, due to a rain shower on a very wet track, Felipe finished fifth. Clément started from the seventh position, and with some nice overtaking actions finished 13th.

Sunday’s race had different conditions, being dry and sunny. With a late overtaking move in the final corners of the Silverstone circuit, Felipe gained the fourth position. Clément was doing well, he had a mega opening lap gaining 6 positions, and was on his way to scoring points. Unfortunately, at the end of the race, he finished 13th.

Current driver standings:
P1 Felipe Drugovich – 148 points
P15 Clément Novalak – 22 points
Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 170 points

Silverstone (UK), JUL 1-3 2022 – British GP 2022 at Silverstone Circuit. Clement Novalak #12 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 3

Unfortunately, Alex Smolyar could not drive this weekend because of problems with the English visa system. Filip Ugran took over his position. Filip hadn’t driven a Formula 3 car for more than half a year, but nevertheless put in a good race on Sunday where he finished 19th. On Saturday, he finished 23rd.

Both races were dry races for Formula 3, compared to Saturday for Formula 2. Caio was on his way to a podium place, but was overtaken on the last lap and finished fourth. Sunday’s race was smoother than Saturday’s race, where he finished outside the points in 11th place. Kush had a good race on Saturday where he finished fourth, but a disappointing Sunday race where he finished 20th behind Filip. After post-race penalties due to track limits, he fell back to P22.

Both the Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams will race next weekend in Spielberg, Austria, where they will once again join the Formula 1 championship.

Current driver standings:
P8 Caio Collet – 30 points
P9 Alex Smolyar – 28 points
P15 Kush Maini – 17 points
Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 75 points

Silverstone (UK), JUL 1-3 2022 – British GP 2022 at Silverstone Circuit. Kush Maini #12 MP Motorsport © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency
Publiée le June 29, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Richard Mille and All Road Management are pleased to announce the expansion of their search for young motorsport talent in the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy.

Since its launch in 2018, the RMYTA has continued to perfect its approach and support in the search
for future high-level motorsport drivers. Now for their fifth year of operation, the RMYTA is broadening
the search by opening their doors beyond their historical partners, Birel ART: alongside three drivers
coming from their network, eleven other racers aged 14 to 16 from all walks of life, both in Europe and
across the globe racing with any chassis, to have the opportunity of submitting their applications for
the ‘Shoot out’ which will take place on October 10 and 11 on the Navarra circuit in Spain.

Respective winners of the 2020 and 2021 rounds, Hugh Barter and Tymoteusz Kucharczyk, prove the
quality of the RMTYA’s recruitment with both young racers making a brilliant transition from karting
to motorsport. The Australian dominates the Formula 4 France series at the middle of the season,
while after just three rounds, the Polish rookie is in second place in the Spanish Formula 4

The winner of the 2022 RMYTA promotion will be offered a full season in the Spanish Formula 4
championship, six days of testing with the MP Motorsport team, the defending champion in the
category, as well as personal support and exclusive technical and sporting coaching through a contract
with All Road Management.

The fourteen chosen drivers will be selected based on their performance in karting as well as their
career plans. They will be evaluated by a panel of professionals through direct and indirect
observations both on and off the track. The fundamental qualities of a driver – speed, consistency,
technical knowledge and physical condition – will be the core of the evaluation, but the latter will also
take into account the ability of each to manage the aspects integral to a racing professional, such as
stress management, adaptability, development, teamwork and interaction with the media.


“The objective of the RMYTA remains the same, to discover the best young motorsport talent of
tomorrow, but the process to achieve these objectives is to broaden our search. All Road Management
is delighted and proud to continue its involvement in this newly added valuable selection. The 2022
winner will be under contract with All Road Management and will benefit from the company’s know-how and skills in the same way as all our drivers have. This detection aims to accompany its winner to
the highest level of motorsport”.


“It is important to help young drivers because if brands like ours didn’t do so, the driver pool risks being
depleted. It would be much easier to go with drivers who are already at the highest level, but that
would be less exciting or rewarding, and would not correspond with Richard Mille’s values. We are
lucky to have confirmed drivers in the ‘RM family’, and some, like Charles Leclerc, have been among
the young people we have supported from the beginning of their racing careers. This exemplary
success should serve as an inspiration to the winners of the 2022 RMYTA”.

Publiée le June 22, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Home race in Zandvoort

Our home weekend started great, with Dilano back in the car. Unfortunately, that did not last long. After the first Collective Test on Friday, Dilano had to step back from the weekend. Due to an injury, he couldn’t race during the last round, which also affected his results in Monaco and Imola. After having surgery and taking the needed rest, he hoped to be back in the car this weekend. However, the pain was still too severe and he couldn’t continue. We hope to see Dilano back in the car soon.

Zandvoort (NED), JUN 17-19 2022 – Round 5 of Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2022 at Circuit Zandvoort. Sami Meguetounif #17, MP motorsport. © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency.

The first race on Saturday was mostly a quiet race, until the final 5 minutes. The safety car had to come out. At that moment Michael was driving on P10 and Sami on P14. With just 2 more laps to go, the race restarted. It was a good restart for Michael, who finished up in the points on P9. After multiple post-race penalties, he was promoted to the seventh position. Sami also gained some positions and finished 13th.

The second race quickly saw a red flag, after a massive crash between Delli Guanti and Masson. Fortunately, both walked away from the crash okay. After about 20 minutes the race restarted behind the safety car. Michael finished in the points again by coming in as sixth. Sami made up quite some positions by finishing on P16 and starting on P22.

Current driver standings:
P6 Michael Belov – 93 points
P18 Sami Meguetounif – 2 points
P30 Dilano van ‘t Hoff – 0 points

Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 95 points

FRECA’s next race will be on the 10th of July, in Budapest.

Publiée le June 14, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Important podium in Baku

Felipe and the team have taken their sixth podium of the season, by finishing third in the Feature Race. Teammate Clément had a tougher weekend after having technical issues. It started during the practice session when Clément hit the wall and couldn’t continue. With zero experience on the Baku track, he qualified on P20. Felipe qualified fifth.

During the race on Saturday, important points were already gained by Felipe, who finished fifth. On Sunday, in the chaos of the Baku street circuit, he added his sixth podium of the season. Felipe’s goal was mainly to stay out of trouble and finish with points again. This meant he sometimes had to back off and lose a position, but being patient, he would be able to get those positions back in the end.

With both results during the weekend in Azerbaijan, Felipe has continued his consistency. He has scored points in all races except one in Monaco, where he had to retire early due to a puncture. This consistency puts both him and the team at the top of the championship standings.

The Formula 2 team now has a week of rest, after which the championship moves to Silverstone, England.

Current driver standings:
P1 Felipe Drugovich – 132 points
P15 Clément Novalak – 22 points

Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 154 points

BAKU (Azerbaijan), 10-12 June 2022. Round 6 of the Formula 2 Championship at Baku City Circuit. Clement Novalak #12 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency
Publiée le June 14, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

First podium for Kirill

After an eventful weekend in Jerez, Formula 4 was back on track in Valencia. Our drivers had a good weekend in the heath of Valencia, where a small pool was needed in the paddock to cool off a bit during the sessions.

Kirill had two good qualifying sessions this weekend, which put him in the points for all three races. His third race was a great one, as he finished third and saw the podium for the first time this season. It topped his season till now, as he scored in all, except for one race in Algarve, points. Tymek also had a great round. In the first race, he got promoted to third on the podium, after some post-race penalties. In the third race, he joined Kirill on the podium when he finished second.

Suleiman scored points in the first two races, as he finished sixth in both races. Like Suleiman, Valerio also scored points in two races, he scored one point in each as he saw the finish line as tenth on the grid. Sebastian was close to his first points of the season in the first race, he finished on P11. This is his highest result scored all season. Miron had a rather tough round, he couldn’t finish the first two races and ended outside of the points in the first race. Back in the points was Christian, who finished seventh in his final race.

Current driver standings:
P2 Tymek Kucharzcyk – 112 points
P5 Tern Inthrapuvasak – 56 points
P7 Suleiman Zanfari – 52 points
P8 Kirill Smal – 49 points
P10 Valerio Rinicella – 31 points
P13 Miron Pingasov – 16 points
P16 Christian Ho – 9 point
P20 Sebastian Gravlund – 0 points

For the next Formula 4 round, the entire paddock will leave Spain and go to Spa-Francorchamps. This round happens during the weekend of 8-9 July.

Publiée le June 7, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Another podium!

Straight after the Monaco GP, FRECA went to Paul Ricard for a back-to-back race weekend. The weekend started with a very wet Friday. The weather circumstances for both Saturday and Sunday were much better, with not one drop of rain.  

Le Castellet (FRA), JUN 3-5 2022 – Round 4 of Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2022 at Circuit Paul Ricard. Michael Belov #30, MP motorsport.© 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency.

Unfortunately, Dilano was not able to join us this weekend. Earlier in the season, Dilano sustained a shoulder injury, which impacted his Imola and Monaco races. This meant we would be driving with only 2 cars in Paul Ricard. Michael had a very good first race, starting on from the seventh position and making his podium move in the final lap. The second race was a bit tougher, with a lot of safety cars, and he finished sixth. Sami had mechanical issues and couldn’t fully show his potential during his home race weekend. However, he still managed to have a good second race where he gained 17 positions.

Current driver standings:
P6 Michael Belov – 79 points
P17 Sami Meguetounif – 2 points
P30 Dilano van ‘t Hoff – 0 points

Current team standings:
P4 MP Motorsport – 81 points

FRECA’s next race will be the team’s home race in Zandvoort, in two weeks!

Publiée le May 31, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Felipe takes the magic Monaco win

Felipe has taken his fourth win of the season in Monaco. The weekend started differently from usual, as the grid was split into two qualifying groups. Felipe had the fastest lap when all drivers of group A went for their final fast lap. Felipe was improving but lost it in the final corner and couldn’t finish his lap. Due to some drivers not slowing down under yellow flags in the final sector, Felipe got promoted to pole for the Feature Race. Clément qualified 8th in group B, meaning he would start from P14 on Saturday’s grid.

Saturday was a day to forget for us. During the opening lap, Felipe got touched which resulted in a puncture. He had to come in for a pit stop and later in the race when the team was sure he wouldn’t receive post-race penalties for speeding in the pitlane, he retired the car. Clément was having a solid race, but got hit by Iwasa and couldn’t continue. The Feature Race on Sunday didn’t finish much better for Clément. This time he was hit by Lawson when he tried to overtake Clément at the Grand Hotel Hairpin. Felipe had to defend from Theo Pourchaire the entire race, in the end, there was no rubber left on his tyres. He managed to keep Pourchaire behind him and saw the finish line first.

Current driver standings:
P1 Felipe Drugovich – 113 points
P15 Clément Novalak – 22 points

Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 135 points

MONACO (MC), 26-29 May 2022. Grand Prix of Monaco 2022 at Circuit de Monaco. Felipe Drugovich #11 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 2 will be back in Baku in two weeks.

Publiée le May 31, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Points for Michael

Joining Formula 1 and Formula 2, FRECA also went to Monaco for the weekend.

Monaco can only have 28 cars on the grid, but FRECA has 37 drivers. This meant not all drivers could race both races. Michael and Sami qualified 5th and 14th and were able to drive both races. Dilano qualified on P26 and could only start the second race.

The first was a hectic one. With 21 minutes left, the race was red-flagged, after multiple cars piled up in the Grand Hotel Hairpin. With 10 minutes left, the race was restarted. Not much happened after that and Michael finished in the position he started, and Sami finished fifteenth. There was more racing in the second race, but the top 8 mainly stayed the same. Michael collected more points by finishing sixth, Sami was very close to points and finished on P11. Dilano managed to overtake quite some positions and finished on P20, coming from P26.

Current driver standings:
P5 Michael Belov – 56 points
P17 Sami Meguetounif – 2 points
P28 Dilano van ‘t Hoff – 0 points
Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 58 points

FRECA moves straight away to Paul Ricard for the fourth round of the season.

Publiée le May 31, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Mixed results in Jerez

Our Formula 4 team travelled to Jerez for the season’s second round. It was a mixed weekend, with a good first and second race. The final qualifying session was red-flagged early, and most of our drivers couldn’t set their fastest laps. This meant most had to start in the midfield or the back of the grid.

The first race was a really good one for Tymek, who scored his first win of the season, after finishing multiple times on the podium. Valerio was driving for his first podium, but he received a 2-second penalty which meant he finished fourth. Kirill also had a good race and finished sixth, which is his highest point finish until now. He actually got his highest finish in the second race, but the drivers earn more points during the first race.

Valerio’s redemption came in the second race when he finished third and got his first podium. Tymek joined him on the podium, for the second place. Kirill finished fifth, and Tern gained the last point of the grid by finishing eighth. During the final race, only Suleiman and Kirill gained points. Suleiman finished fourth and Kirill on P8.

Current driver standings:
P2 Tern Inthrapuvasak – 79 points
P4 Tymek Kucharzcyk – 52 points
P6 Suleiman Zanfari – 40 points
P8 Valerio Rinicella – 29 points
P10 Kirill Smal – 22 points
P11 Miron Pingasov – 16 points
P14 Christian Ho – 3 point
P17 Sebastian Gravlund – 0 points

Current team standings:
P2 MP Motorsport – 154 points

The next F4 round is in Valencia, at the weekend of 11 June.

Publiée le May 27, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

MegaRide – MP Motorsport, a new technological partnership is born between the two brands.

MegaRide and MP Motorsport will be together starting from the 2022 season, which already started with the sign of success with the victory at the Jeddah and Barcelona Grand Prix, in which the MP Motorsport car with the MegaRide logo on the nose dominated the Formula 2 race.

The partnership between the two brands will cover both technological and marketing aspects.

The MegaRide solutions for maximizing performance will be employed by MP Motorsport in the main championships in which the Team is engaged: FIA Formula 2, FIA Formula 3 and Formula Regional. In particular, the collaboration will focus on optimizing performance and results on the track, thanks to the use of advanced analysis and simulation tools.

The agreement between MegaRide and MP also includes aspects of co-marketing and communication, including the development of a joint story on social media of all aspects of the races, as well as the presence of the startup logo on the livery of the Dutch team cars.

Damiano Capra, MegaRide, CXO:

“Since the founding of MegaRide, the link with the motorsport has been strong. Our mission is to bring our partner technologies and tools, and know how we develop through our scientific research background, thanks to our link with the University of Naples Federico II. We are very proud that MP Motorsport decided to start a partnership with us because they are a strong and winning team with a long history in motorsport. We will support them through the entire season with the goal to make them an even more winning team, fighting for the top positions on a regular basis.”

Paolo Angilella, MP Motorsport Technical Director:

“In 2022, with the collaboration with MegaRide, MP Motorsport has made another important step on the growing curve which started 3 years ago. It’s nice to have partners that help you understand those “particular” tires better, and we are confident that in the long term we will get a big benefit from our partnership.”

MegaRide was born as a spin-off of the Federico II University of Naples, founded by Flavio Farroni, Francesco Timpone and Aleksandr Sakhnevych following numerous scientific research programs, focused on vehicle dynamics, carried out in collaboration with Ferrari, Ducati and other excellences of the racing world. Currently, MegaRide collaborates with the most prestigious two and four-wheel motorsport brands in Europe, Asia and America. The competitions in which the company is active include MotoGP, Formula E, Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Nascar and numerous GT championships.

The solutions offered by MegaRide concern testing (indoor and outdoor), the optimization of performance in the interaction between tires and the ground and the reproduction of vehicle behaviour in driving simulation environments.

Publiée le May 24, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Three times podium!

Formula 2

We had a great weekend in Barcelona, where Felipe Drugovich won two races!

For the first time in the current F2 era, a driver won two races in one weekend. Felipe took the lead right from the start in yesterday’s race, where he started from P4 after receiving a 3-grid penalty for impeding during qualifying. Clément had a solid race, but he lost a few positions due to having a wide moment in the final lap.

The Feature Race was a mega race for both Felipe and Clément. Felipe came from P10 and started on soft tyres. He took everything out of the tyres and pitted at lap 18. Clément started on hard tyres and switched to soft tyres after 24 laps. Within a few laps on fresh hard tyres, Felipe caught Doohan and took the lead of the race. Meanwhile, Clément was driving through the grid to the fifth position. A result with double points for the team, and two wins for Felipe. Felipe is now leading the championship with a 26 point gap. The team is still leading the Team’s Championship!

Current driver standings:
P1 Felipe Drugovich – 86 points
P14 Clément Novalak – 22 points
Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 108 points

The following Formula 2 race is in the upcoming weekend when they join Formula 1 in Monaco.

Barcelona (ESP), MAY 19 – 22 2022 – Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. Felipe Drugovich #11 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 3

After having a tough round in Imola, our team recovered in Barcelona.

The results started great for Alex on Friday, when he qualified third. Both Alex and Caio were back in the top 10, scoring points in both races. Kush got stuck in traffic during the qualifying session, which led to him starting both races from P22. Immediately in the opening lap of the Sprint Race, Alex had a great fight with Bearman for the sixth position. It was Alex who had more grip and pace so he claimed the position right before the chicane. Both Alex and Caio had more pace than a few cars in front of them, and in the final few laps, Caio overtook Correa for the final podium position. Kush had a solid recovery and finished P17, coming from P22. Alex finished in the points on P6.

The Feature Race was one with multiple safety cars, compared to the Sprint Race. Kush received a 10-second penalty after he collided with Villagomez, whose race finished in the barrier. It was a good race for Alex and Caio, and with a lot of action on track, the top 10 mostly remained the same after the opening laps. Alex finished fourth and Caio seventh.

Current driver standings:
P6 Alex Smolyar – 28 points
P11 Caio Collet – 18 points
P16 Kush Maini – 10 points
Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 56 points

It will take some weeks before we can see Formula 3 in action again. Their next weekend is Silverstone, which will take place in the first weekend of July.

Barcelona (ESP), MAY 19 – 22 2022 – Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. Caio Collet #10 MP Motorsport © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency
Publiée le May 10, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Starting the season with a podium

The Collective Tests on Friday were two very wet sessions with lots of rain, and that wasn’t the last rain of the weekend. The first qualifying session was a very chaotic one which ended in a red flag. Fortunately, Michael had a much better second qualifying session where he set himself on the second row for Race 2. Sami had a big crash in the first race, and even though he did qualify for the second race, he decided not to race in Race 2 as he had too much pain from the crash. We wish Sami well and hope to see him back in Monaco.

Qualifying 1 results:

P19 Sami Meguetounif
P20 Michael Belov
P32 Dilano van ‘t Hoff

Qualifying 2 results

P4 Michael Belov
P27 Sami Meguetounif
P28 Dilano van ‘t Hoff

Imola (ITA), MEI 6-8 2022 – Second round of Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2022 at Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Dilano van ‘t Hoff #77, MP motorsport. © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency.

Race 1

Quickly after the start of the race, the safety car had to come out for Sami’s crash, not much later the safety car turned into a red flag and all drivers went back to the pits. With 25 minutes left, they went back for a restart behind the safety car. During the first laps of the race, Michael had already made up 4 positions, and Dilano was driving on P24 when the safety car went back in.

With 12 minutes to go, the safety car had to come out, and with 2 minutes left on the clock, they started racing again. Right before the final lap started, the race was red-flagged again. Michael finished 15th and Dilano 21st.

Imola (ITA), May 6-8 2022 – Second round of Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2022 at Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Michael Belov #30, MP motorsport.© 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency.

Race 2

Race 2 was a very chaotic race. Moments before the race started, rain fell down but it was dry during the race start. However, the race was declared wet even though all drivers started on slicks as the track dried up very quickly. Because the race was declared wet, the start was a rolling start behind the safety car. Michael had some very good opening laps and within 10 minutes, he was driving on P3.

With 17 minutes left, it started to rain heavily on the track. This resulted in some crashes and quickly after that, all drivers came back to the pit again as the race was red-flagged. Most drivers switched to wet tyres, as some parts of the track had deep puddles, but other parts where it didn’t rain that much were basically dry. The drivers had about 5 minutes left of racing. Michael had a tough restart and lost two positions, finishing on P6. However, after post-race penalties, he got promoted to fifth. Dilano gained 9 positions and finished on P19!

Current driver standings:
P4 Michael Belov – 38 points
P15 Sami Meguetounif – 2 points
P28 Dilano van ‘t Hoff – 0 points
Current team standings:
P4 MP Motorsport – 40 points

The next FRECA round will be in Monaco, where they join Formula 1 and Formula 2.