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Publiée le July 3, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Collecting important championship points

Formula 2

Felipe and the team scored good points in the seventh round of the Formula 2 championship. In the first race on Saturday, due to a rain shower on a very wet track, Felipe finished fifth. Clément started from the seventh position, and with some nice overtaking actions finished 13th.

Sunday’s race had different conditions, being dry and sunny. With a late overtaking move in the final corners of the Silverstone circuit, Felipe gained the fourth position. Clément was doing well, he had a mega opening lap gaining 6 positions, and was on his way to scoring points. Unfortunately, at the end of the race, he finished 13th.

Current driver standings:
P1 Felipe Drugovich – 148 points
P15 Clément Novalak – 22 points
Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 170 points

Silverstone (UK), JUL 1-3 2022 – British GP 2022 at Silverstone Circuit. Clement Novalak #12 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 3

Unfortunately, Alex Smolyar could not drive this weekend because of problems with the English visa system. Filip Ugran took over his position. Filip hadn’t driven a Formula 3 car for more than half a year, but nevertheless put in a good race on Sunday where he finished 19th. On Saturday, he finished 23rd.

Both races were dry races for Formula 3, compared to Saturday for Formula 2. Caio was on his way to a podium place, but was overtaken on the last lap and finished fourth. Sunday’s race was smoother than Saturday’s race, where he finished outside the points in 11th place. Kush had a good race on Saturday where he finished fourth, but a disappointing Sunday race where he finished 20th behind Filip. After post-race penalties due to track limits, he fell back to P22.

Both the Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams will race next weekend in Spielberg, Austria, where they will once again join the Formula 1 championship.

Current driver standings:
P8 Caio Collet – 30 points
P9 Alex Smolyar – 28 points
P15 Kush Maini – 17 points
Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 75 points

Silverstone (UK), JUL 1-3 2022 – British GP 2022 at Silverstone Circuit. Kush Maini #12 MP Motorsport © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency
Publiée le May 24, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Three times podium!

Formula 2

We had a great weekend in Barcelona, where Felipe Drugovich won two races!

For the first time in the current F2 era, a driver won two races in one weekend. Felipe took the lead right from the start in yesterday’s race, where he started from P4 after receiving a 3-grid penalty for impeding during qualifying. Clément had a solid race, but he lost a few positions due to having a wide moment in the final lap.

The Feature Race was a mega race for both Felipe and Clément. Felipe came from P10 and started on soft tyres. He took everything out of the tyres and pitted at lap 18. Clément started on hard tyres and switched to soft tyres after 24 laps. Within a few laps on fresh hard tyres, Felipe caught Doohan and took the lead of the race. Meanwhile, Clément was driving through the grid to the fifth position. A result with double points for the team, and two wins for Felipe. Felipe is now leading the championship with a 26 point gap. The team is still leading the Team’s Championship!

Current driver standings:
P1 Felipe Drugovich – 86 points
P14 Clément Novalak – 22 points
Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 108 points

The following Formula 2 race is in the upcoming weekend when they join Formula 1 in Monaco.

Barcelona (ESP), MAY 19 – 22 2022 – Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. Felipe Drugovich #11 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

Formula 3

After having a tough round in Imola, our team recovered in Barcelona.

The results started great for Alex on Friday, when he qualified third. Both Alex and Caio were back in the top 10, scoring points in both races. Kush got stuck in traffic during the qualifying session, which led to him starting both races from P22. Immediately in the opening lap of the Sprint Race, Alex had a great fight with Bearman for the sixth position. It was Alex who had more grip and pace so he claimed the position right before the chicane. Both Alex and Caio had more pace than a few cars in front of them, and in the final few laps, Caio overtook Correa for the final podium position. Kush had a solid recovery and finished P17, coming from P22. Alex finished in the points on P6.

The Feature Race was one with multiple safety cars, compared to the Sprint Race. Kush received a 10-second penalty after he collided with Villagomez, whose race finished in the barrier. It was a good race for Alex and Caio, and with a lot of action on track, the top 10 mostly remained the same after the opening laps. Alex finished fourth and Caio seventh.

Current driver standings:
P6 Alex Smolyar – 28 points
P11 Caio Collet – 18 points
P16 Kush Maini – 10 points
Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 56 points

It will take some weeks before we can see Formula 3 in action again. Their next weekend is Silverstone, which will take place in the first weekend of July.

Barcelona (ESP), MAY 19 – 22 2022 – Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. Caio Collet #10 MP Motorsport © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency
Publiée le April 28, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Championship leaders

Formula 2 and 3 were back for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola. It was the first time for both F2 and F3 to drive in Imola. Friday, the first track day of the weekend, started with a lot of rain. F2’s practice session had to be rescheduled, as the track was too wet for the session to continue. Later in the day, Formula 2 was still able to qualify.

F3 Qualifying results:

P9 Caio Collet
P10 Kush Maini
P15 Alex Smolyar

F2 Qualifying results

P12 Felipe Drugovich
P13 Clément Novalak

F3 Sprint Race 1

Kush and Caio started on the second row in the Sprint Race, on P3 and P4. Kush had a good start and took P2, but later in the race, he would get a drive-through penalty for standing outside of the box during the start. Caio also had a good start and was driving behind Kush on P3. It didn’t take long before Caio also overtook Kush for the second position. Alex gained one position during the start and was driving on P14. In the fourth lap, Caio overtook Colapinto for the lead of the race. Kush had to defend a lot, but by the seventh lap, he was overtaken by Hadjar for P3.

In the 9th lap, the safety car was deployed after two separate incidents in the same and final corner. Caio had a good restart of the race, but Kush was immediately put under pressure by Martins who overtook him. Not quickly after that, we got another safety car. With 3 laps to go, the grid raced again and Caio kept the lead. In the meantime, Alex had driven himself towards P10, coming from P15. In the final lap of the race, Caio was overtaken by Colapinto for the lead of the race. When defending, Caio crashed with Hadjar and couldn’t continue. An absolute heartbreak for both Caio and the team. Alex drove a very decent race and finished 9th, Kush finished 20th due to his penalty.

IMOLA (ITA), APR 21-24 2022 – Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Caio Collet #10 MP Motorsport © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

F2 Sprint Race

Felipe had a mega start and made up 6 positions in the first lap. Clément had an unfortunate start, as Beckmann spun in front of him and he couldn’t avoid him. He had to come in for a new front wing, which brought him to the back of the grid on P20. In the 9th lap, Felipe overtook Boschung for the sixth position. Boschung had a problem and parked his car not much later next to the track.

Felipe was stuck in a battle for P4 in the final laps with 2 other drivers. On lap 24, he overtook Sargeant for the fifth position and made up 7 positions in the race. These points were very important for the championship, as Felipe kept the lead on Saturday.

Imola (ITA) APR 22-24 – Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Clément Novalak #12 MP Motorsport © 2022 Frits van Eldik / Dutch Photo Agency

F3 Feature Race

Right before the race was about to start, some rain fell down and the track was declared wet. Caio and Alex both started on wet tyres, while Kush started the race on slicks. The strategy worked out perfectly for Caio and Alex, who started on P9 and P15. Within a few corners, Caio took the lead in the race and Alex was driving on P3. Both had much more grip than the other drivers in the top 10. Unfortunately, the strategy couldn’t be fully used as the safety car had to be deployed by the second lap. Caio and Alex came into the pits to change to slicks and ended at the back of the grid. Kush was still driving within the points on P9.

The track quickly started to dry up, so bringing Caio and Alex in for slicks was a good decision. Caio and Alex we’re quickly driving on P20 and P22. By the 7th lap, the safety car had to be deployed again. Kush was driving on P6 when the race restarted and had a very decent race overall! Caio and Alex both overtook a lot of cars and finished on P13 and 15. But it’s Kush who got his first points of the season by finishing 6th. After post-race penalties, he was promoted to P5.

Current driver standings:
P12 Alex Smolyar – 11 points
P13 Kush Maini – 10 points
P16 Caio Collet – 4 points

Current team standings:
P5 MP Motorsport – 25 points

IMOLA (ITA), APR 21-24 2022 – Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Alex Smolyar #11 MP Motorsport © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

F2 Feature Race

Felipe started on medium tyres and Clément on softs. They both had a good start, but after an incident during the start between Doohan and Hauger, the safety car was deployed. Felipe was driving on P6 and Clément on P12. Both made up positions, and quickly gained another position when Vips crashed. The safety car was deployed again, and Clément came in for a pitstop to switch to mediums. By lap 15, Felipe was driving on P4 and Clément on P14.

Nissany crashed into the wall by the pitlane on lap 21. A virtual safety car was deployed and the pitlane was closed, as it was full of debris. Felipe still hadn’t pitted by the 27th lap and was hoping for another safety car to the end of the race. Clément was now driving on P8 with only 4 more laps to go, going towards his first points! The safety car came in the final laps, but it was deployed as a virtual safety car. In Formula 2 you aren’t allowed to pit under a VSC. When Felipe passed the pitlane, the full safety car was deployed and therefore he couldn’t gain an advantage from it. In the end, he finished 10th, and still scored a point. Clément finished 4th and was finally rewarded with points this season! Due to both cars scoring points, the team is now leading the championship for the first time in F2’s history. A mega job from the team.

Current driver standings:
P2 Felipe Drugovich – 50 points
P15 Clément Novalak – 12 points
Current team standings:
P1 MP Motorsport – 62 points

The next Formula 2 and Formula 3 round is in Barcelona, on 20-22 May.

Publiée le March 21, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

The first race of the calendar!

That’s it! We have kicked off the new 2022 calendar with the first round, in Bahrain. Both Formula 2 and Formula 3 are driving together on the same tracks again, supporting Formula 1. The qualifying session for F3 was a busy one. Alex was setting a very fast lap but unfortunately, he was hindered in the final sector and couldn’t finish it. Kush set a lap together which was good for P3, but as he missed the weighbridge moment during the session, he had to start both races from the pitlane.

F3 Qualifying results:

P8 Alex Smolyar
P13 Caio Collet
PL Kush Maini

The F2 weekend started great with a P1 and P4 for Felipe and Clément in the practice session, with only a 1 second between the top 13. Felipe set the tenth fastest time in the qualifying session, meaning he would start from pole position in the Sprint Race.

F2 Qualifying results

P10 Felipe Drugovich
P18 Clément Novalak

F3 Sprint Race 1

Alex started the Sprint Race from P5, due to the penalty Kush received, Caio started from P12. Alex had a good start and was quickly attacking for P4, but Maloney took that opportunity to overtake Alex for P5. Caio gained two positions in the first three opening laps. By lap 6, Kush was already driving on P18. He had gained 12 positions in the first 6 laps.

Caio was in a fight with Leclerc and Vidales for P9. In lap 9, Caio overtook Vidales for P8. With only 5 laps left, Alex was driving on P5 and Kush made it to P15. Alex overtook O’Sullivan for P4 and in the final 2 laps, Alex managed to overtake Maloney and gained himself a podium place. Caio finished on P7 and Kush on P15. Good points for the team, and a promising start for Kush!

SAKHIR (BH), 17-20 March 2022: Gulf Air Bahrain Grandprix at Bahrain International Circuit. Alex Smolyar #11 MP Motorsport © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

F2 Sprint Race

Felipe started from pole but had a difficult start, and fell back to P6. Clément had a good start, where he gained 4 positions and found himself back on P14. In lap 4, Armstrong was spun around which brought out the safety car. Felipe took back P5 during the restart when the safety car went in again. He immediately fought with Lawson for P4, but went wide and had to lift.

With 10 laps to go, Clément was driving on P12, gaining 6 positions. Clément and Hughes collided in lap 16, Hughes had to retire and Clément needed to visit the pitlane for a new front wing. This brought him back to the back of the grid, and he received a 10-second penalty for the collision. Felipe finished the race on P5, and Clément on P19.

SAKHIR (BH), 17-20 March 2022: Gulf Air Bahrain Grandprix at Bahrain International Circuit. Clement Novalak #12 MP Motorsport. © 2022 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

F3 Feature Race

The Feature Race seemed to start well for both Alex and Caio. However, in the opening lap, Maloney went slow. Ciao had to leave the track to avoid hitting him. When he re-entered the track, he hit a kerb and his car jumped in the air. Unfortunately, his suspension broke and after only one lap his race was finished.

The safety car had to come out which was good for Kush. During the restart, Alex drove to P3. By lap 9, Kush made it to P21. Alex was fighting with Correa, but due to a small collision with Stanek, he had damaged his floor. Alex dropped back to P6. Alex and Hadjar were battling wheel to wheel when Alex touched the rear tyre of Hadjar. Hadjar was left with a puncture, and Alex received a 10-second penalty. Kush was driving on P21 and fighting with 4 cars. In the end, he finished on P17. Alex finished as 8th, but due to the penalty, he dropped down to P23.

Sakhir (BAH) Mar 17-20, 2022 – Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix at Bahrain International Circuit. Kush Maini #12 MP Motorsport © 2022 Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

F2 Feature Race

Both Clément and Felipe started the Feature Race on the hard tyres. Felipe lost a few places during the start, finding himself on P15, right in front of Clément who drove on P16. It didn’t take long before the team brought Felipe in to switch to soft tyres, as those were working better on track. Felipe was one of the first in lap 10 who came in for a pit stop, it brought him back on track on P19. Clément was now driving on P13. In lap 14, Clément tumbled down the order due to an engine failure and had to retire.

The strategy was working out for Felipe, as by lap 15 he was driving on P8, as he also set the fastest lap. By lap 17, Felipe was driving on P2 but was overtaken by Pourchaire who had fresher tyres. By lap 25, Felipe was mostly taking care of his tyres and lasting them as long as possible. He was driving on P4 when the safety car came out on lap 27. While the cars were following the safety car, there were two separate incidents in the pitlane, which resulted in a closed pitlane for all drivers. There were two laps left when the safety car went in, Felipe lost two positions and finished on P6. Coming from P10 and having 20 laps old soft tyres, the points were well deserved.

Formula 2 is back next weekend, in Jeddah. Formula 3’s next round is in Imola on 22-24 April, when it joins F2 again.

Publiée le February 14, 2022 par Lois de Bruin

Brazilian youngster Caio Collet has signed to drive for MP Motorsport in the FIA Formula 3 Championship. A member of the Alpine Academy, the 19-year old from São Paulo will remain with the Dutch team for his second season in the F1 Grand Prix-supporting category.

Collet’s decision to stay with MP Motorsport comes after an extremely promising debut season in FIA F3 that saw the Brazilian ace finish on the podium in his very first race at Barcelona. Adding another podium at Paul Ricard as well as a string of other big points finishes elevated him to ninth in the season’s final classification and second in the rookie standings. For his sophomore year, the Alpine junior joins Alexander Smolyar in the Dutch outfit along with a yet to be announced third driver.

“I’m very happy to continue in FIA F3 with MP Motorsport and the enduring support of the Alpine Academy”, said Collet. “We were strong in 2021 – and that was while taking on many accomplished drivers in an intensely competitive championship. With the knowledge that I have gained in my first season, I’m very much aiming to improve on last year’s results. I’m also looking forward to again be racing in the special atmosphere of the Grand Prix weekends, and in front of the F1 teams.”

“Caio staying with us for a second year is a massive coup”, said MP Motorsport’s team principal Sander Dorsman. “Last year, with three rookies, Caio being one of them, we showed that we were right on the pace with the longer-serving top runners in the series and took home a lot of points to bag a fighting fourth in the teams championship. Building on Caio’s talent and increased experience, and teaming him up with Alex, hands us a very strong package for 2022. I can’t wait to attack the season with these guys.”

Collet came third in the 2015 KF Junior World Championship and took sixth in the 2016 OK Junior European Championship before claiming the 2018 French F4 title in his first year in motorsport. Immediately progressing to the Formula Renault Eurocup, the Brazilian took fifth in the 2019 series as the São Paulo-born driver became a member of the Renault Sport Academy now superseded by the Alpine Academy junior programme, before taking second in the series in 2020 and joining MP Motorsport for his debut season in FIA F3.

Publiée le September 27, 2021 par Lois de Bruin

A different location for the finale

Formula 3 was supposed to drive their last round of the season in America, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Due to covid safety, the last round was moved to Sochi where they joined Formula 2 as the support series of Formula 1 that weekend. There was a lot of heavy rain expected on Saturday, so the series moved the first race of the weekend to Friday, late in the afternoon. Just like Formula 2, only 2 races were driven in Sochi, instead of the usual 3 races.


P8 Caio Collet
P12 Victor Martins
P25 Tijmen van der Helm

Race 1

Victor started on pole in Race 1, as he qualified P12 and the top 12 is reversed for the first race. Victor took the lead in the race but had to take the second position after the first turn. Caio was behind him in the 5th position. Caio had to defend in the third lap against Smolyar, which he did perfectly, to keep P5. Tijmen, who started on p25, was driving on P22 with 10 laps to go.

Meanwhile, Victor was being attacked by Hauger for second place. He kept him off for quite a while, but in lap 11, he had to make space for him. In lap 13, Victor came back for a new attack, with Caio right behind him on P4. On the 16th lap, we had a virtual safety car as Tijmens engine blew up. Tijmen parked the car next to the track, so within a lap, all other drivers were back racing. Victor grabbed another podium and finished on P3, Caio finished on P5.

Race 3

Caio’s last race of the season was done way earlier than any of us wanted. During the opening lap, Smolyar’s car jumped a bit and ended on Caio’s front wing, ending his race very early. Tijmen had a very good start and drove to P21 by the 3rd lap. Victor took 9th place, coming from P12. Tijmen was having a good race, as he was driving on P18 in 5 laps. Victor overtook Hauger for the 8th position and was fighting with Correa for the 7th position. Victor went wide and lost 3 places. Shortly after he had to go wide again, to miss out on a spinning Hauger. This made him drop to P11.

Victor made a nice move in the 17th lap, where he overtook both Correa and Iwasa within one move. Tijmen dropped a bit back to P20, as the fight in the midfield was very close. In the final lap, Tijmen managed to come back to P18. Victor finished on P8.

We’ve had a very good Formula 3 season with all three drivers. Victor was the highest rookie, and Caio the second-highest rookie. Tijmen learned a lot and made a lot of experience, finishing the season on a high note. The team finished fourth in the standings, which is a massive improvement compared to the 2020 season where we finished 6th with 109 points.

The final driver standings is as followed:

Victor Martins – 5th – 131 points

Caio Collet – 9th- 93 points

Tijmen van der Helm – 26th – 0 points

Team standings:

MP Motorsport – 4th – 224 points

Publiée le September 6, 2021 par Lois de Bruin

Home race and win for the team

For the first time in 36 years, the DutchGP in Zandvoort was back, and we joined it with the FIA Formula 3. We’ve had a great weekend with fun races, and even won our first race this Formula 3 season! Compared to the many raindrops we saw in Belgium, Zandvoort was great with nothing but sunshine. Victor and Caio had a great qualifying session, unfortunately, Tijmen hit the gravel and had to cancel his last fast lap.


P3 Victor Martins
P6 Caio Collet
P25 Tijmen van der Helm

Race 1

The start of Race 1 was hectic with cars everywhere, but it was a clean start for our drivers. In lap 1, Victor was immediately fighting Hauger and defended his P7 keeping his position. The top 5 were really close to each other, within 2 seconds from the leader of the race. Caio was the fifth driver of the grid and kept putting pressure on Crawford to get the fourth position.

In lap 14, Hauger tried to make a move on Victor but went in the gravel. He was very close to hitting Victor when he re-entered the track but Victor was able to dodge the move. There was a lot of fighting in the back of the field, but Tijmen managed to get through and was able to defend his position. In the 16th lap, Hoggard and Yeany hit each other and were stuck in the gravel. It all happened in front of Tijmen, who was able to move to P21. With 3 more laps to go, the safety car went back in. In the final lap, Hauger was able to overtake Victor on the banking. Caio finished 5th, Victor on P7 and Tijmen on P21.

Race 2

Victor started on P5 in Race 2, and Caio on P8. Victor was touched when they came out of the Tarzanbocht, but he was able to keep control over the car and continue the race in the same position. Caio was right behind the two Prema’s of Hauger and Caldwell who were fighting each other for P6. Tijmen had a clean start and kept his position during the first 3 laps, where a safety car had to come out as Colombo crashed into the barriers. In lap 6 the safety car went back in, with Victor driving on P4 now and Caio on P8. Victor overtook Vesti in the first banking corner of the track and was driving for a spot on the podium.

Victor knew he could have more, and on the start/finish straight, he overtook Cohen for the second position. Novalak wasn’t far ahead of him. With 10 laps to go, he managed to get right behind him. A lap later, he overtook Novalak for the lead of the race. Victor was 8 tenths faster in the past 2 laps compared to Novalak. Tijmen was fighting on P19 before a safety car came out, as Cordeel was stuck in the gravel after a spin. Victor kept the lead in the restart and created a gap immediately. Caio overtook Caldwell for P6, where Tijmen, unfortunately, lost 3 positions in the chaos of the restart. Both Cohen and Hauger fell down the order, which brought Caio to P4! Caio tried to come close to the podium but the gap was just too big to make a move within 1 lap. Victor crossed the line first in a crazy race, which was his first win this season, and the first win for the team.

Race 3

Race 3 had a clean start for Victor, but Caio lost a few positions. He got hit in the Hugenholz corner, where two cars in front of him also almost collided. He managed to come out without any damage to the car but had to fight back for his position. And that’s what he did! Within 4 laps he already overtook Sargeant and was very close to Crawford. Victor didn’t lose or gain a position and was driving on P3, putting pressure on Schumacher and trying to overtake him for P2.

Caio managed to overtake Crawford in lap 12, getting him to P7, but with a gap of 2.5 seconds to Doohan. It took Caio 3 laps to get right behind Doohan and fight for P6. Tijmen had a good start and gained a few positions but in lap 17, he had to give back one position to Correa who overtook him in the first corner. This did not take long, because in lap 18 he overtook Correa again for P21. Correa and Nannini were fighting, as to where Nannini got pushed into the gravel. Correa received a 10-second penalty for this action. In lap 22, Victor tried to overtake Schumacher from the inside of the Hugenholz banking corner, which, unfortunately, failed. He touched Schumacher who got stuck in the barrier. During this action, Novalak overtook Victor, who was still able to continue with no damage. Victor immediately knew he was in the wrong and apologized on the radio, and later received a 10-second penalty. He finished on P3, but due to the penalty, he got moved back to P10. Caio finished on P5. Unfortunately, in the very last lap, Tijmen was pushed into the barriers of that same turn 3 by Correa. Therefore he couldn’t finish the race.

All in all we had an amazing pace this weekend and are still in the game for good qualifications in both the driver and team standings. Next stop Sochi!

The current driver standings is as followed:

Victor Martins – 4th – 117points

Caio Collet – 8th- 87 points

Tijmen van der Helm – 26th – 0 points

Team standings:

MP Motorsport – 4th – 204 points

Publiée le August 30, 2021 par Lois de Bruin

A good weekend for the team

After a 4 week break, F3 was back again to race. We’ve had a tough weekend in Hungary where we did not score points, but came back strong with another podium for Victor in Spa-Francorchamps! It was an eventful weekend, where the keyword was rain. The rain and cold weather immediately started on Friday, during the first practice and qualifying. The rain didn’t set the team back, as Victor and Caio made mega laps and qualified 2nd and 4th. Tijmen, unfortunately, had issues during the last lap, which meant he had to stop on track. This brought out a red flag and finished the session a bit earlier than usual. Tijmen was still able to set the 21st time on the grid.

Race 1

It took quite some time before the first race would start, due to heavy rain. It was set to start at 10:05, but it started 50 minutes later and behind the safety car. Collet would start from P9 and Victor from the 11th position. Both drivers were feeling very comfortable in the rainy conditions, and the team provided good cars with a mega pace. Both drivers quickly improved places, and in the 4th lap, they both get past Sargeant in one move. Caio was fighting Vesti for P6 and had to move quickly in turn 1 to avoid hitting him when he was behind him and covered in his spray. At the same time, Victor overtook Novalak for P8.

Tijmen had a moment in lap 9 where he went wide and lost a place or two, setting him back to P23. In lap 13, Schumacher and Hoggard were fighting for P4, they went side to side up on Eau Rouge. Caio was right behind them, and came with a lot of speed towards Raidillon, while the drivers in front of him slowed down. He was forced to move to the right side of the circuit, and with that same action, he overtook multiple cars, making him move to P4. Unfortunately, he received a 5-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage. This made him finish on P9, with Victor on P5 and Tijmen on P23.

Race 2

Due to heavy rain and a massive crash of Lando Norris in F1’s qualifying, the second race of our weekend started an hour later than planned. There was still a lot of rain coming down, but during this race, a bit of sunshine was also coming through. The race started with a standing start with all cars on the full wet tires. Both Caio and Victor kept their position during the start of the race, and Tijmen even gained 2 places! In the 4th lap, Hoggard and Leclerc touched which made Hoggard spin and fell back to the end of the grid giving Tijmen another position.

After 10 laps the safety car had to come out as Nannini spun and couldn’t drive away anymore. After the safety car went back in, the drivers raced up Eau Rouge. Unfortunately, Cordeel and Williams hit each other when Cordeel bounced back on track after hitting the wall. Fortunately, both drivers got out of the car and were okay! There was no time left when the safety car went back in, which meant Caio finished on P4, Victor on P7, and Tijmen on P16.

Race 3

Race 3 started behind the safety car again, as it was absolutely soaking at the Spa-Francorchamps track. Victor started second, behind Doohan. He did not give any space to Doohan and kept close to him from the start. Both were quickly driving away from Smolyar, Caio, and Novalak and created a gap of a few seconds. Tijmen gained two positions during the start of the race, finding himself on P19. The team gave Victor a massive car, and he drove a mega race behind Doohan with barely any sight due to the spray of the wet track.

In the 5th lap, Victor took the lead of the race but went with 4 wheels of the track. While it was a beautiful move, it was an illegal one and Victor had to give the position back as it was too much risk to get a penalty later in the race and lose some important points for both himself and the team. With 4 more laps to go, Victor had a moment in le combe but was able to keep the car on the track and go on but ended up with a gap of 2 seconds to Doohan. After that it was all about bringing the car home safely. Victor finished second, which was his best result of the season yet but was hoping to get his first win. Caio kept his 4th position and Tijmen finished on P19.

Overall, we took some important points home and secured P4 in the team standings with 159 points. Hitech is behind us with 86 points.

The current driver standings is as followed:

Victor Martins – 4th – 96points

Caio Collet – 8th- 63 points

Tijmen van der Helm – 24th – 0 points

Team standings:

MP Motorsport – 4th – 159 points

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Personal highs and lows

We’ve had a weekend with quite some personal highs and lows in Budapest. Tijmen booked some good results and was happy with the pace and the car the team gave him. Unfortunately, Victor’s and Caio’s weekend started tough by having a difficult qualifying session due to traffic. As the Hungaroring can create exciting moments, it is also one of the toughest tracks to overtake other cars.

Results qualifying:

P20 Tijmen van der Helm
P24 Victor Martins
P25 Caio Collet

Race 1

Victor had a good start in Race 1, quickly driving on P19 after starting from P24 within the first lap. Caio gained 4 places and Tijmen, unfortunately, lost two places. Overall all three drivers had a clean and nice start. After 16 laps, Victor was driving on P15, when Vesti had to quit. Caio had a slight touch with Rasmussen in the same lap, ending up with a bit of damage on his front wing. Both drivers were investigated for the collision but were left without any penalties.

In the end, Victor made up 10 places and could start Race 2 from P15. Caio finished the race on P20 and Tijmen made up his lost positions and finished right behind Caio on P21.

Race 2

As Victor had a mega start in Race 1, unfortunately, that didn’t count for Race 2 as he stalled on the grid. Which meant he was driving in the back of the grid. This time tho, Caio had a massive start. Coming from P20 and in lap 3 he was already driving on P13. Tijmen also had a very clean start, gaining 4 positions.

Victor was trying to fight his way back into the grid but learned how tough it is on this track. With 6 more laps to go, Tijmen overtook Hoggard for the 16th position. Caio was very close to the top 10, as there was barely a gap for four cars in front of him. Victor finished on P25. Tijmen overtook Hughes for another position and finished on P15, Caio also gained one more place and finished P12. Even though both were driving out of the points, they had massive races and booked a good result with the team.

Race 3

The third race of the weekend was a very wet one, as it was pouring on Sunday morning. The start was a rolling start and because of the spray behind the cars, there was barely any visibility. Quickly after the start, the sun started to shine and came through the rain. Unfortunately, that didn’t change anything for Victor. He wanted to overtake a car but ended in the barrier. Luckily, he could drive back to the pits for a new front wing, but this meant he was all the way in the back with a huge gap between him and the car on P29.

Caio had an impressive start in the rain, by lap 8 he made up 6 places and was driving on P19. Tijmen lost one position but was close to Williams driving in front of him. By lap 15 the rain was fully gone and made place for a lot of sunshine, which meant the track would be drying up quite quickly.

With only 2 laps to go, two cars collided which meant a finishing under the safety car. Caio finished on P16 after starting from P25, Tijmen finished on P19, and Victor on P27. After the race Victor received a 5-second penalty for the collision at the beginning of his race, this penalty didn’t change anything for his result.

This was the last race for the summer break. F3 will be back in Spa, on the last weekend of August.

The current driver standings is as followed:

Victor Martins – 7th – 66 points

Caio Collet – 10th – 41 points

Tijmen van der Helm – 24th – 0 points

Team standings:

MP Motorsport – 4th – 107 points

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A tough weekend in Austria

After a very successful round in France, we moved on to Spielberg in Austria. The third round on the Red Bull Ring was one with many ups and downs, but it was a tough one compared to the previous round. The weekend started solid on Friday, with a P4 in qualifying for Caio.

Results qualifying:

P4 Caio Collet
P10 Victor Martins
P21 Tijmen van der Helm

Race 1

Race 1 started really well for Victor, who started from P3 and held on to P3 during the start. Caio started from P9 and Tijmen started from the same position as to where he qualified a day earlier. In the first few laps, Victor fell back from P3 to P5. The top 7 were really close to each other, and everyone within the top 7 could become the leader. In lap 9 Victor lost 2 places and was finding himself on P7. Caio was fighting on P10, while Tijmen was fighting on P19. It was an eventful race with a lot of overtaking, the top 7 soon became a top 10 who were close to each other.

While the lead kept changing between Nannini, Novalak, and Sargeant, Victor was fighting with Doohan and Crawford and won over P6. Caio was very close behind him, driving on P8. In lap 21, the two leaders, Novalak and Nannini, touched each other and fell back. Victor was now driving on P4 and Caio on P6. This is also how they finished. Tijmen finished on P18.

Even though the race had finished, it was not really the end of it. An hour before the second race started, a lot of penalties came through. Mostly for track limits in turns 9 and 10. Unfortunately, both Victor and Caio received penalties, along with 9 other drivers. Victor received a 5-second penalty which made him lose one place (P4 to P5). Caio received a 10-second penalty and was placed back to P17. Because of all the penalties, Tijmen got promoted to P13. As it looked like we got good points at the end of Race 1, we now only received 6 points for Victor’s P5.

Race 2

With all penalties from the previous race, Victor started from P8, Tijmen from P13, and Caio from P17. Tijmens’ race was finished early after he crashed with Sargeant in the second lap, with a safety car to follow. Caio had a massive start, driving on P13 after starting from P18 in the 8th lap. Victor was in the front running on P8.

After issues for Smolyar and Crawford, Victor was driving on P6 and Caio moved up to P10. In lap 11, Correa and Frederick collided in turn 3. Victor was now driving on a podium place, P3, and was driving right behind Stanek. In lap 15, Victor overtook Stanek beautifully via the inside in turn 4 with two tyres on the grass. Victor was now driving on P2 and had a great race. In lap 20, Caio is touched by Fittipaldi, which made him end in the gravel and lost his point finish.

In the last lap, Victor’s car has a problem and he lost power, while he was still driving on P2. He had to stop and finished P26. Caio received a 5-second penalty for contact with Fittipaldi, which made him finish on P16.

Race 3

Caio started from P4, but unfortunately, he stalled during the start, which made him fall all the way back to the end of the grid. Victor had a good start and by lap 5, he overtook 4 cars and was driving on P6. Tijmen had a tough start and fell back to P25.

Even though Caio had a bad start, he did not give up. By lap 6 he was driving on P20. Victor was fighting with Leclerc for P7, but lost his position in lap 8. Leclerc and Novalak were fighting in front of Victor, who overtook Crawford for P7. In the meantime, Caio made it to P16 in lap 11. Victor had overtaken Leclerc again, driving on the 6th position. In lap 14, both were fighting to be the first one to made turn 4. Victor held his defending line, going to the right side of the track with a lot of space on the left side. Leclerc also went to the right side, touched Victor, and lost his front ring. Leclerc hit the wall and Novalak, who was driving at the wrong place at the wrong time when both ended in the gravel. Luckily, both drivers were fine after medical checks. Victor had damage and had to visit the pits, but could continue, even though he was now driving at the back of the grid.

With 3 laps to go, Caio made it to P11 and Tijmen to P20. Victor was determined to fight back and overtook Tijmen for P20. Crawford and Doohan touched each other while fighting for their position, but both left the track. Caio was now driving in the points on P8. In the final lap, he overtook another car and finished on P7. Victor was making positions when he got spun around in the last lap and fell back to the end of the grid. He finished P25, Tijmen finished on p17.

After the race, Tijmen received a 5-second penalty for causing a collision, moving him to P20. Victor got promoted to P24.

The current driver standings is as followed:

Victor Martins – 5th – 66 points

Caio Collet – 8th – 41 points

Tijmen van der Helm – 24th – 0 points

Team standings:

MP Motorsport – 4th – 107 points

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Three podiums in three races

We’ve had to wait 6 weeks but Formula 3 is finally back for round 2, in Le Castellet. The youngsters joined Formula 1 on the red and blue striped Paul Ricard circuit. After reaching the podium twice in Barcelona, Caio in Race 1 and Victor in Race 2, we were eager for more! And what a weekend it was for Victor, who was racing on his home track. The weekend started good for all drivers with a solid qualifying session, where Victor and Caio were both in the top 5, and Tijmen qualified on P15.

Results qualifying:

P3 Victor Martins
P5 Caio Collet
P15 Tijmen van der Helm

Race 1

Caio started Race 1 from P8 and Victor from P10. As the top 12 is reversed, Tijmen remained on P15 for the start. Victor and Caio both had a clean start, gained a few places, and even fought each other at some point, as where Tijmen had a bit of trouble and lost some places. As the race developed Caio had a small moment and went wide, where he lost a few places. Ending up fighting for P12 with Arthur Leclerc, trying to get the reversed pole position for Race 2, but in the end, he just missed out and finished on P13.

Victor, on the other hand, was flying on his home track. In the 7th lap he already gained 4 places from P10 and was driving in 6th, with a gap of 2 seconds to Smolyar who was driving in 5th position. While Smolyar was fighting with Correa, Victor was able to easily close the gap with the top 5. And with the top 5 all being close together, opportunities to a good result were getting bigger. Victor managed his tyres perfectly and was able to overtake all cars, even ending in the lead! In the very last lap he got overtaken by Smolyar, and just missed out on the win. Nevertheless, his second place was still phenomenal after starting from P10.

While Victor was fighting on the front, Tijmen was fighting on P18. Unfortunately, he and Cordeel touched during an overtake, which made Tijmen move to the pits for a new front wing. After that, it was hard to get back in place with a few laps to go. He finished P29 in the end.

Le Castellet (FRA), June 17 – 20 2021 – Second round of Formula 3 Championship 2021 at Circuit Paul Ricard. MP Motorsport team. © 2021 Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency

Race 2

With again a reversed top 12, Victor had to start from P11 in the second race. Caio started from P13 and Tijmen from P29. Caio had a very unfortunate start where he stalled and had to retire after one lap, because of issues on his car.

Tijmen had an incredible race where he gained 10 positions! After he had to start from P29, and fought his way towards P19. Up until now, this was definitely one of his best races thus far in the season. As his qualifying result of Friday is the grid for the last  Race of the weekend, he still has a lot of opportunities for a good result.

Victor just continued where he left in Race 1, starting from P11 and overtaking a lot of cars to finish on the podium. He’s had a clean start and moved up two places in the first lap, driving on P9. In lap 4 he moved on to P5, overtaking 3 cars in 3 laps. He wasn’t finished though, in lap 7 he moved on to P4. With 3 Prema’s fighting in the front, he found pace while Caldwell lost some. With only one lap to go, Victor secured the third place on the podium by overtaking Caldwell, which was also his second podium on the day.  

Race 3

The third race was a completely different one compared to the previous two, as it started fully wet. A lot of rain started to come down right before the race, which caused a 5 minute delay so all teams could switch their car from a dry set up to a wet one.

Victor started from P3 and Caio from P5, Tijmen from P15. All had a decent start, but especially Tijmen was enjoying himself on the wet track. Within a few laps he was driving on P9 and for the first time in the points! However, the rain didn’t last for long and a dry line appeared on the track which made the conditions tricky as everyone was driving on wets. Tijmen had a moment where he went wide and spun once, even though he managed to keep the car going, he lost a few positions and finished on P16.

Caio and Victor were both very close to each other all race. At some points, especially in the beginning of the race, they lost their positions but as soon as the track dried up, they had their confidence back and made no mistakes. In lap 11, Caio was driving right behind Victor, with Vesti in front of them. Vesti went wide, and within 2 corners both Victor and Caio overtook him. With 5 more laps to go, Caio overtook Victor both on the hunt for a podium place. Even though Victor stayed close to Caio, only Caio finished on the podium with a third place. Victor saw the chequered flag at P4 and both brought some good points, for themselves and the team, home!

The current driver standings is as followed:

Victor Martins – 2nd – 60 points

Caio Collet – 7th – 35 points

Tijmen van der Helm – 23rd – 0 points

Team standings:

MP Motorsport – 3rd – 95 points